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Our Associates Share About Growth on the Gartner Sales Team

Making a career move isn’t an easy decision and we know that what’s most important to one person might differ from another. The one common theme we see in the talent we hire at Gartner is the desire for continuous growth and development. But what exactly does that mean?  

Read on to hear first-hand perspectives from some of our sales associates around the world as they share about their career journeys, how Gartner has supported their aspirations, steps they’ve taken to advance their career, and tips to help you to achieve success in sales. 


“There is always an opportunity to grow your career with a successful track record. There are opportunities to be promoted while continuing to support your current clients, promoted to support larger clients, or to lead as a player/coach. Eventually, there are management opportunities as one’s career progresses.” - Elizabeth C., Client Director and Team Lead


“The opportunity to help clients reach their strategic goals, while being surrounded by some of the smartest people I've ever met is a privilege, and I consider myself lucky to enjoy each day.” - Divya T., Senior Account Executive


“Sales is all about team support, and it's important to build a great ecosystem for the team and for yourself. If you stay focused on the right things, prioritize and leverage proven practices — you can drive great results.” -  Keith T., Sales Manager

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