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Our Interview Process

Prepare for your upcoming Gartner interview

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Preparing for your interview

Were you recently accepted for an interview at Gartner or are you looking for more information about our interview process before applying for a role? If so, you're in the right place!

Our interview process differs by role, but we've outlined some of our common interview styles so you know what to expect. We're also sharing our tips and tricks to help you prepare for your upcoming interview so you can feel confident taking this next step. 

What to expect

Interviewing at Gartner

FAQs About Joining Gartner

Gartner doesn’t create “IT” — we create insights and best practices to address executives’ mission-critical priorities. So what exactly is this company selling? At its simplest: a subscription in exchange for information and guidance. Learn more about who Gartner is here

It's important to have some answers to our common interview questions ready so you can share your best examples and feel confident after your interview. Discover our common interview questions here

Behavioral-Based Interviewing (BBI) is a technique our team uses to assess how you've demonstrated the behavioral traits we look for in previous situations. These questions ask for specific example of your past work or school experiences rather than for a hypothetical response. Learn more about BBI here.

We recommend answering all behavioral-based interview questions using the STAR method which is a structured and ideal way to answer each question. STAR stands for: 

Situation: Set the stage and give the interviewer context to the situation you were involved in.

Task: Let the interviewer know what tasks were needed to complete the objective.

Action: Describe the actions that you actually took. 

Result: Share the result of those actions. We are a very data-driven company, so it’s always great to speak to your impact as you describe your results.

During your interview process, you may find yourself interviewing for the role virtually. Discover our tips for preparing for virtual interview success here.

Show your curiosity and aptitude to be a lifelong learner. Come prepared with questions about the role for the hiring team. This is your chance to interview us! Discover some ideas for questions you can ask your interviewer here.