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3 Tips for Virtual Interview Success

With many organizations operating in a remote or hybrid work model, job seekers may find themselves interviewing for jobs virtually. Discover our 3 tips for preparing for virtual interview success.

Written By: Kimberly Embick

With Gartner being a virtual first organization, I spend most days working from home in my “cloffice” (Closet turned office – Google it – it’s a thing). If you are on the hunt for a new job and suddenly find yourself interviewing from home, I am here to help. 

Below are my 3 tips for virtual interview success.

1. Pre-Interview Checklist – Similar to a “pre-flight” checklist that ensures success for pilots, pre-planning the logistics of a virtual interview are vital to you! Some things to consider:

  • Choose a space for the interview (Free from background noise, away from others in your residence, and with good cell reception if using a phone)
  • Verify ALL technology and practice using it (There’s nothing worse than attempting to log on 5 minutes before an interview to find you must download something.)
  • Check your lighting for video interviews – (Although you may be “angelic”, light halos can be distracting; You’ll also want to avoid bright background lighting that washes out your face. The interviewer needs to see your facial expressions.)
  • Communicate with your interviewer to create a backup plan if there is a technology fail.

2. Act the part – Remember that you are still selling yourself to a potential employer. Although it may seem appealing to sit at home relaxed, you need to make the effort to put your best foot – and face – forward while in the job search process. Here are several ways to help showcase yourself virtually:

  • Develop a routine that includes time to “get ready” for your interview.
  • Dress for the interview (No need for a three-piece suit on a phone call however your attire affects your attitude – save the joggers and ripped hoodie for later. Opt for “real” clothes.)
  • Compile all needed information as you would for an in-office meeting (Paper copy of resume – don’t rely on digital copies.)
  • Be enthusiastic – This is a REAL interview – Your excitement about the company needs to come through the phone or video screen.
  • Make eye contact with the camera during video conferences. (Avoid multitasking and look at the camera as if you were looking at the person’s face.)

3. Embrace your virtual world – Engage with others in this new virtual networking/interviewing format. Be innovative and creative with networking. Here are a few tips: 

  • Communicate often with your classmates, peers, career services, and professors. Ask what events they are attending, hosting, or know about. Be brave and ask for connections/meetings.
  • Proactively use LinkedIn to find and create networking opportunities. Comment on company/recruiter posts to begin building a relationship.
  • Join a recruiting and networking event to learn more about Gartner. Check out some on-demand and upcoming events here

At Gartner, our associates strive to do their best work for their clients, teammates, and themselves. Learn more about our culture here.