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Gartner's De-Stress Fest: A Chance to Give Back and Discuss Tips to De-stress

At Gartner, we are dedicated to supporting our associates and giving them the tools they need to reach their full potential from day 1. From providing physical accommodations to associates who need it to offering our associates mental-health resources to providing caregivers with the tools and flexibility they need to live well in all aspects of their life, we are committed to not only complying with disability laws but exceeding them with the benefits we offer. Recently, we were named a Best Place to Work for Diversity Inclusion by the Disability Equity Index for our efforts in creating an inclusive, accessible workplace.

Our Collective Abilities Network is an employee resource group (ERG)  dedicated to uniting those with hidden and apparent disabilities, mental illness, neurodiversity, their caregivers and allies. The members  of this ERG have been essential in identifying ways to promote a more inclusive workplace for associates of all abilities and have continued to raise the bar each year.

The team has already helped to create a more inclusive workspace by creating a safe space to discuss the challenges associated with disabilities, mental health, neurodiversity, and being a caregiver. 

Recently, this group hosted their annual “De-Stress Fest”, a week of events designed to help our associates prioritize their well-being. One of the events the team held was their “Check out my Cribs'' fundraiser. During the event, a representative from each of our seven ERGs and a member of our CSR team shared a tip to help de-stress along with information about a charity that they support. Attendees were invited to pledge money to support one of these charities or any other charity that they would like. Some of the charities that were supported throughout the event were Heart of Dinner, the United Negro Fund, the American Heart Association, the National Park Foundation, the Frankie Manning Foundation, the Trevor Project, K9s for Warriors, Help For Heroes and Foundacion Privada Teresa Gallifa. 

This year, almost two-hundred Gartner associates joined the event and pledged a total of $56,000 to charities in just one hour.  Here’s what some of of the participants had to say about the event:

"It gives me such pride and joy to see how our Gartner associates can come together, and in the course of 1 hour make such an impact philanthropically. This is such a testament to good people doing great work making a stellar impact. I am so proud to work alongside each and every attendee at CRIBS, and am excited to see the continued impact globally! Fantastic job team!" - Sirisha K., CSR Senior Specialist

“Gartner is a virtual first organization so we are always looking for ways to bond and celebrate our community online. The Cribs concept does just that, it allows us to get a sneak peak at the diverse homes of our associates, have fun together, and raise money for charities important to our Employee Resource Groups.  This Cribs showed us everything from smaller spaces transformed into tranquil spa-like havens to large open spaces turned meditative mazes.  One associate even showed us her own horse!  And, we heard fantastic tips on how they each take the time to de-stress in their own lives.  We all had a blast!  The fact that we also raised $56,000 for charity in one hour is astonishing!  Organizing and hosting this event is an honor, Gartner’s culture at its best!” - Laura S., MVP Professional Development

“Participating in the De-stress Fest served as a valuable reminder of the various ways we can prioritize our well-being when our minds start to wander. It reinforced the notion that we all experience similar emotions, yet our individual coping strategies may differ greatly. I came away from the event with some valuable new de-stress strategies that I'm excited to incorporate into my routine!” - Jessica O., Program Manager, Talent Acquisition, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

We take pride in continuing to enhance our current offerings and identifying new ways to support our associates, raise awareness of people with disabilities in the workplace, and recruit professionals of all abilities. Learn more about our Collective Abilities Network here.