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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Gartner Associates Celebrate Disability Pride Month

This July, Gartner is celebrating Disability Pride Month. Throughout the month, we’ll shine a light on the collective abilities of our associates and the importance of building a culture that encourages open discussions and empowers every associate to achieve their goals.

To celebrate the month, Gartner’s Collective Abilities Network (CAN) organized a variety of events open to all associates to join that focus on the month’s theme of Disability Pride & Resilience. Learn more about the month’s theme and activities from CAN Co-Chairs and Executive Sponsor, Craig Safian, EVP, CFO, in the video below. 

We’re excited for associates to join events like a virtual sound bath, yoga and meditation to relax and unwind. Associates are also invited to join speakers from the Headache Alliance to learn more about headache disorders and the challenges and stigma for those impacted by them. 


We asked some of our associates to share more about the importance of Disability Pride Month and how Gartner has supported them. Here’s what they had to say: 


“Talking openly about disability is incredibly important for breaking the stigma. The more we show up as our real selves, the better the world around us will get at accepting us. People stay at Gartner because of the people that are here. At Gartner, you’ll find some of the world’s smartest people, and you’ll also find some of the most encouraging and thoughtful people too.” - Lauren D., Director, Content Strategy


“Gartner provided me with unconditional HR support at diagnosis and throughout my treatment. After nine months of chemo, radiation and surgery, I returned to a very supportive environment.” - Cheryl H., Senior Sales Business Analyst


“Gartner recognizes the challenges of balancing work and family responsibilities, offering flexible schedules and supportive resources tailored to caregivers. This ensures we not only excel in our professional roles but also feel empowered to fulfill our caregiving responsibilities effectively.” - Shruti A., Lead, Order Management and Billing

Learn more about our Collective Abilities Network here.