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Gartner’s Sales Team: 5 Must-Have Skills

Whether you are looking to build relationships with clients or solve business challenges at an industry level, our Sales team will keep you at the top of your game. Discover what it takes to be successful on the team below. 

Preparation It is imperative that you come to every single client or prospective client meeting prepared. Time with clients is hard to get and you always need a plan and a way to provide value to the client. If you are prepared and providing value, the client will continue to meet with you and take advantage of all the offerings Gartner has.

Conviction Conviction is one of the most important traits for any sales professional. However, when you are selling thought leadership, it is even more crucial. Being confident and assured of our capabilities will enable you to position Gartner in the most effective way possible. This leads to long-term relationships and significant value for the client.

Trust Trust is necessary on all levels. First, you need to trust Gartner and your management that you have been given the best processes and tools to do your job. Second, you need to trust your service partners to deliver on the programs you outline for your clients. Finally, you need your clients to trust you. You need to work in their best interest always, and they need to trust that you do.

Empathy Empathy is a basic human emotion, but is often overlooked in the sales world. Sales professionals are often eager and excited to point out what a client is doing wrong so they can position their product/service, but will lose sight of what is on the other side of the table. Our clients are people too, with jobs and families on the line. It is always important to look at the whole picture and be there as a trusted partner.

Be Nice Just be nice. It goes a long way with your colleagues and clients when you are upbeat and friendly. 

Interested in joining our sales team? Search for an available opportunity here.