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From University to Corporate: Advice for Starting Your Career

Are you about to start your first full-time, post-graduate job? We asked Gartner recruiters to share their advice for recent graduates who are going from university to a corporate job. Here’s what they had to share. 

Natasha Nieves, Global University Recruiter 

One of the biggest obstacles I see is recent grads being too hard on themselves. It is okay to not know everything right away and mistakes are bound to happen. It’s all about how you handle those challenges. Instead of having doubts or being too hard on yourself, you can seek help when needed from your managers and teammates and ask questions during onboarding to help set yourself up for success long-term!

My biggest piece of advice for university hires is to keep learning, allow your voice to be heard, and always be open to feedback! You’re not always going to know everything, so it is important (especially early in your career) to be a life-long learner; ask questions and seek to understand. Additionally, while you may not know everything, there is still a lot of value you can bring to your team so allow your voice to be heard by sharing your ideas. Lastly, always seek feedback. Feedback is important for you to continue to grow and set yourself up for success so do not be afraid to ask your teammates and/or managers for feedback often. 

Lydia Humphreys, Sr. University Recruiter

From my experience as a recruiter and former college graduate, university hires usually face some common obstacles when first joining a company after graduation. They may experience culture shock as they adjust to a new work environment and different expectations than they are used to in academia. Additionally, some recent graduates might struggle with confidence in navigating new responsibilities and pressure to perform in a new role.

There are a few strategies that helped me and other new hires be successful that I’ve learned along my career journey. First, it's important to recognize that everyone makes mistakes and can be confused when starting a new job. It's okay to ask for help and give yourself grace as you learn and adjust to your new role! Building strong relationships with colleagues can be extremely helpful in navigating the corporate environment and give you a support system to lean on. Take advantage of any mentorship programs or opportunities for professional development to build your skills, confidence, and network.

Developing strong communication skills is also critical for success in the corporate world. Practice active listening and clearly articulating your ideas and suggestions to your colleagues. Ask for feedback and be open to constructive criticism, as this can only help you improve and grow.

Finally, it's important to remember that you were hired for a reason! Believe in yourself and your abilities, and enjoy this new chapter in life. 

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