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5 Tips to Help You Succeed in an Interview

Job interviews can be intimidating, challenging, and often feel more like an exam than anything. With each interview, you meet new people, communicate your skills and experience.

There are many ways to make your job interview process a lot less stressful with just a little preparation. In a time where many people are interviewing, here are 5 tips to help you stand out.    

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare: When job searching, build out a profile for your top companies where you compile notes, observations and questions. As you begin to interview, research these organizations and bring some knowledge to the table. It’s a great way to demonstrate that you are interested in the organization and the people you’re meeting with. You can also look at LinkedIn profiles of the interviewers to see if you have any mutual connections or shared interests – these can be good icebreakers.  Bonus Tip: Think about appropriate and important questions you can ask the interviewers. This demonstrates intellectual curiosity and gives YOU the opportunity to interview the organization in a meaningful way.
  2. Practice makes perfect: Many organizations use behavioral-based interview questions to predict future performance. Try thinking back to unique situations you’ve experienced in your career. Are there initiatives you’ve started or areas where you’ve made a big impact? Challenges you’ve overcome or difficult relationships you’ve managed? Be prepared to communicate your approach to different situations within your role. The STAR method is a great way to formulate your responses.
  3. Be concise & listen: When you’re engaging with your interviewer, it’s important to remember that while your experience is important, the interviewer will also be evaluating your communication skills. You’ll want to give enough information to paint a complete picture, but don’t forget to pause and allow the interviewer to ask follow-up questions and dig into the areas they’re most interested in. It creates a great mutual conversation that will allow you to shine. Also, this is when your listening skills kick in! Take notes, let the interviewer/recruiter give you the information you need to feel confident about the opportunity.
  4. Know & own your success: No matter what type of role you’re in, there are usually key performance indicators that define whether or not you’re successful. Salespeople, for example, are usually measured by their ability to meet and/or exceed their predefined quotas. Others may be measured by outcomes or the impact your project has had in the organization. Regardless of your role, be prepared to speak to your success metrics to demonstrate to the interviewers that you would be successful in a new opportunity. Don’t be afraid to own and share that success, as that’s what sets you apart from other candidates!
  5. Have fun & be yourself: Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Think of the interview as an engaging conversation and a chance to demonstrate that you’d be a great addition to the team. This is your chance to shine!

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