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4 Tips For A Successful Return To Work After A Career Break

Gartner India’s Return to Work program was tailored for those who are passing through this uncertain phase in their careers. Read the blog below as Erica Lopez, our University Recruiting Program Specialist unfolds the details.

After having piloted our virtual return to work program some time ago in Australia, we saw an opportunity to scale and replicate this program across geographies and business units. For those who have taken a break of at least a year in their careers like Veterans, parents, entrepreneurs, caregivers, and individuals impacted by COVID-19, this program was a way to network and seek actionable guidance.  So, we decided to start with India. 

Our two-day virtual program offered attendees a chance to reflect upon themselves and take the next steps towards re-entering the workforce. To help them sharpen their skillset and become more marketable, they participated in interview and resume workshops. We also hosted an info session to help paint a holistic picture of what it’s like to work at Gartner – specifically in our Research & Advisory function while equipping them with key skills for a successful career. 

“The program was a great reminder of our relevance in the highly competitive and currently uncertain professional world. Thank you for giving us a deep dive into the Gartner world, which looks like a better future, and encouraging a humanized environment that one can see themselves fit in,” said one attendee.

Are you looking to return to work after taking time off? Here are some tips to help set you up for success:

  1. Leverage Your Gap as a Growth Opportunity: Be honest and transparent when talking about your career break during an interview or even in your cover letter. It’s not necessary to give personal details, but it’s imperative you address the reason for your break. More importantly, talk about how you have continued to develop personally or professionally. This shows interviewers that you stayed engaged or up-to-date on your industry despite the lack of formal employment.
  2. Convey confidence: Do not be apologetic or discount yourself when going through an interview process after your career gap. Know your value! Just because you didn’t work straight through doesn’t mean you’re not as fit, qualified, and capable as the next job candidate.
  3. Familiarize Yourself with the industry: A lot can change in an industry, even within a few months, let alone years. It’s critical to ensure you are taking the time to do your homework and ensure you are up to speed. Taking your time to prepare and brush up on your knowledge will also help you continue to build confidence as you go into a role.
  4. Rebuild Your Professional Network: Networking is one of the best skills for getting a job after a career break. Spend some time reaching out to old connections from your previous roles. These can be in the form of old bosses, clients, colleagues, or other friends and family members. Additionally, don’t be afraid to also create new connections by reaching out to people in your desired field or industry. These connections can be your guide to updates on the market and help provide you with connections in their existing networks.

Gartner leaders who were a part of this program shared their insights with us too. 


“At Gartner, our people are at the heart of our success, and we are committed to diversity, inclusion, and engagement across all aspects of our business. We value the unique perspectives and diverse experiences that the program participants bring, this is an excellent opportunity for experienced professionals who’ve taken a career break to re-engage.” – Santosh Ghate, Managing Vice-President Human Resources.


“The Return to Work program stems from the very element of our culture that offers equal opportunities to everyone to come, learn and grow with Gartner. We fully understand that as people, we have to make choices to tend to our personal needs and we also strongly believe that it does not make us irrelevant.” – Sandeep Singh, Recruiting Manager

We believe that everyone who attends walks away with the confidence to rejoin the workforce.

Contemplating about joining the workforce after a break? Check out our open positions here.