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The Global Services and Delivery Team's Hackathon

Recently, associates on our Global Services & Delivery team from around the world were invited to participate in a Hackathon. Over 100 associates were involved as organizers, judges, mentors and participants. Over 60 associates split into 14 teams joined for a friendly competition with their colleagues. Read on to learn more.


The Hackathon occurred throughout the month of June with Global Services and Delivery participants from across the entire organization joining the competition. The competition lasted 2 rounds with 3 strategic problem statements for the teams to resolve. Our judges comprised members of the Executive Leadership Team within GS&D. This event helped build cross-collaboration across the team while also giving associates the opportunity to form meaningful connections. In addition, associates were able to expand their skills and knowledge by finding innovative solutions to the problems.


Discover what some of the participants had to say about the program below. 


“The Hackathon was a lot of fun and a great learning opportunity for myself and my team.”


“We enjoyed the process of collaborating across teams, and also got to learn a lot in a very short span of time!”


“One of the best professional experiences of my life! The kind of insights we were able to gather and generate was incredible - this would have been absolutely impossible in our day-to-day roles. It was a brilliant eye-opener on the different kinds of stuff that Gartner does!”


“The Hackathon was a great experience. The feedback throughout the competition helped structure the solution our team presented.”


We’d like to congratulate our winning team “It’s Friday Somewhere” and the associates on the team for their dedication and hard work during the Hackathon. 

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