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Jenna Dunbar: Returning to work and finding the perfect fit in Gartner

At Gartner, we know how important it is to have a work-life balance and continue to ensure that we provide the support and encouragement our associates need to succeed.

Eight years after stepping back from her career to focus on her family, Jenna Dunbar was ready to return to work and found that Gartner could offer her everything she was looking for regarding a professional and personal lifestyle. Read on to find out more. 

Written by Jenna Dunbar, Client Executive

My career has always been in healthcare and sales, and I love working in environments where I feel versed in my clients’ needs and the solutions to help them. When I decided to return to work, I started interviewing but did not find a perfect fit until a former colleague of mine introduced me to Gartner and the culture it promotes. I was told about the supportive atmosphere and how Gartner embraces working parents, and after my first few weeks of training, I realized what a unique place this is. 

Gartner understands me and others like me. Being a working parent is a constant juggling act, and just when you think you have it all together — your child gets hurt, you get a phone call from school, they get sick or something else sends a curve ball in your day.

I talk to moms and dads at school events who have stepped back to be a parent. It can be daunting to think of returning to work, but Gartner has supported me at every step. My teammates and management have created a nurturing and uplifting work environment. My team’s Vice President even gave me mom advice like tips with meal planning and juggling driving carpool. 

The training and onboarding that I received [in High Tech Global Enterprise] has helped me to build on my experience, learn new concepts that are critical in today's environment and has enabled me to add value to my clients from Day 1. Further, the work that I do is incredibly challenging and rewarding, making me fulfilled each and every day. There are constantly opportunities to grow at Gartner - my leadership team is truly invested in my professional goals and gives me the tools to help me achieve them. 

Gartner’s hybrid environment means our people work virtually and commute to their assigned office when there is business reason to do so. This has enabled me to be fully present with my family and also restart my sales career. In addition to being hybrid, Gartner also respects working hours. I am able to work full-time while also prioritizing time with my family because I am never expected to work during evenings or weekends. It really seems too good to be true that a company could push you to put yourself first, then your family and then work. It has been the best decision for me.

If you ever have questions about returning to work or working as a parent at Gartner, I am here!

Thank you, Jenna, for sharing your story, and for more information about the exciting opportunities that Gartner has to offer, click here.