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It’s All About Timing: How I Found My Dream Job After Taking A Break To Raise My Family

We’re committed to creating a safe, inclusive environment that supports personal and professional growth for all associates. Below, Apeksha Pandey Mishra, a Contracts Support Specialist in Mumbai, shares her story about returning to work.

Back in 2013  I took a break from my career. I was 8 months pregnant at the time and traveling 3+ hours in Mumbai traffic to get into the office. I prefer to look at this time off from the corporate world as shifting my line of work. I went from being a full-time Senior Associate working for a multinational media conglomerate to being a full-time mom. And let me tell you, this new role didn’t come with a job description or the responsibilities I had expected. 

Being a first-time mother to my now seven-year-old came with its share of challenges, learning opportunities and curve balls. I learned something new every single day whether it was the basics of how to care for a child or big life moments like our first trip together. During my time off from the corporate world I even had the chance to learn how to drive and pursue my passion for dancing. My maternity leave was one of, if not the, most challenging roles I’ve ever held but by far one of the most rewarding. 

I re-entered the workforce slowly by picking up some freelance roles and remote work at first, which was great as I began my transition back into the corporate world. During my first week at my new job, I quickly realized I’d need to start embracing change in order to be successful. 

In September 2020, I joined Gartner’s Contracts team after hearing about the company from a former colleague. I won’t lie and say that it’s easy to find a job that’s the right fit, but leveraging your network and connecting with new people sure helps. At Gartner, I feel as if I am fully equipped with all the tools I need to succeed in my role and experiencing the company culture firsthand has solidified my decision to stay. 

If you’re like me and are returning to work after pursuing another career path or caring for a family member, my advice to you is that nothing can stop you. If you really want to do something, believe that you have the strength to accomplish it, and it will happen. It might take weeks, months or even a few years, but you will get there. It doesn’t hurt that Gartner has a wide variety of benefit programs that help associates live well in all aspects of life. 

Timing is everything. It’s all about finding the right role, at the right company at the time that’s right for you and your family. I believe that’s how and why I found Gartner, and I’m confident that you’ll feel the same way. 

Are you interested in returning to the workforce, like Apeksha? Check out our virtual networking events to meet our team.