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Fabrizio Biscotti: Championing the idea that in order to succeed we must work together

Gartner is a company that leads through disruption by developing objective insight for its client's most critical priorities. Fabrizio Biscotti, Managing Vice President in Research and Advisory, is a leader that understands the pressure to stay ahead and grow profitably amid constant change.

Fabrizio has been with Gartner for an impressive 22 years and has seen the landscape of Infrastructure & Operations in IT evolve. Along with his team, their goal is to emphasize the importance of communication and collaboration to break down silos between the business and the people across IT while supporting its leaders to become effective and deliver maximum value.    

I joined Gartner because… "it is an organization where people really make the difference. It is a diverse and inclusive working environment that stimulates innovative thinking.

As an advocate for Gartner, Fabrizio and his team are passionate about spreading the Gartner message across their social platforms.

"If we think what we do is good and should be shared, especially published research, it is an opportunity to connect with prospects and start a conversation. In other cases, testing some new ideas and having a fresh perspective from the outside is useful. Social media usage responds to the idea of "drink your own champagne!"

The IT "Orchestration" team took their namesake because of the relatable analogy. An orchestra isn't just one instrument; it is an assembly working together and knowing they all have their part to play. "IT Orchestration" is automating many tasks and the many-sided nature of the coverage necessary for analysts to become effective "orchestrators" to support the IT leaders. Theirs is a team that emanates experience and goes above and beyond to share it; they are spread across four time zones in North America, Latin America and Europe and can address customers in six different languages.    

One of the key aspects covered by Research and Advisory is Development and Operations (DevOps), a practice that aims to shorten the systems development lifecycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. The fact is, plenty of organizations out there are wondering how to leverage or scale DevOps, and there are plenty of discussions with clients on where DevOps is heading and how to align an IT initiative to the business value that it brings, which makes it an exciting topic that is waiting to be explored when it comes to a more unified work environment throughout an organization.

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