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Gartner's Taiwan Office

The Gartner Real Estate team is proud to announce the opening of Gartner's new office in Taiwan, marking a significant milestone in enhancing Gartner's presence in this dynamic Asian market. The office's location in Taiwan 101, a prominent business hub, demonstrates Gartner's intention to position itself at the heart of Taiwan's thriving business community. 

Establishing this new office is more than a physical expansion; it is a testament to Gartner's unwavering commitment to excellence. Moreover, the Taiwan office serves as a new home for Gartner associates whose dedication and contributions are integral to our success, and this state-of-the-art office provides them with a conducive environment to continue their impactful work. 

In essence, the opening of Gartner's Taiwan office is a strategic move that solidifies our foothold in the region and reflects a renewed commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of Taiwan's business ecosystem.

Hear what some of our associates are saying about their favorite office perks below:

“The new Taiwan office exceeded expectations and I could feel it by the reaction of our associates!  They can’t wait to show it off to their clients, prospects, and new hire candidates.” - Mike Ryan, Group Vice President - North Asia

 “There are various spaces which bring ease and new ideas. I get to refresh myself when I sit at different working area which feels even better than coffee shops. Since there’s no assigned seating in the new office, we get to mingle with different associates - and this creates new sparks.-  Christine Shao, Client Executive

“We’ve got a great view here which makes me want to come to the office to work. And, I feel confident and proud to invite my clients to come. - Joanne Hsu, Senior Account Executive  

“It’s fun to explore this building and surrounding area together with other Gartner associates in Taiwan. I also feel proud to share the great view and dynamic working space with my fellow colleagues in other regions and enjoy their complement of this lovely place!” - Sonia Tuan,  Lead Skills Assessor, Global Sales Sourcing 

“The two side corners of the office make me feel I have privacy, yet I’m still close to everyone. I do enjoy the sunlight and the view when I look out from the window.” - Scarlett Lai, Account Executive

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