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Life At Gartner

Gartner Continues its Partnership with NCSC as the Product Sponsor

We are proud to announce that for the seventh consecutive year, Gartner will be the product sponsor at the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC). Through this partnership, we support the development of future sales professionals with training opportunities and real-time feedback during the competition.

NCSC exposes college students to a real-world sales environment, allowing them to put their studies into practice, all while networking and gaining exposure to industry sales professionals.

As we gear up to support this competition again, we reached out to our associates who participated in previous years and asked them to share a few words on the advantages of attending and why Gartner had the career path that was right for them.

Kate W., Client Executive

The people and the unlimited growth potential were why I chose to join Gartner. Everyone was so kind and helpful, and I quickly saw what I could achieve in a short period of time.

Advice for 2024: Be curious with your questions, and don't overthink your role-play.

Ryan S., Regional Vice President, GTS Sales

NCSC showed me how it's more fun to win as a team than to win as an individual, and Gartner was a great fit for me because of my passion for leadership. I saw a clear growth trajectory here.

Advice for 2024: Know how the judges award points and practice to maximize your total score.

Pooja C., Account Executive, Strategic Accounts

At NCSC, the competition, above all, was a learning experience and pushed me out of my comfort zone, and after working for Gartner for a year and a half, I continue that motivation as I always ask myself, "How can I get just a little bit better than yesterday?"

Advice for 2024: Let your personality shine! It's so fun to watch everyone incorporate their own styles into the process.

Carli Q., Account Manager

The competition itself served as the basis for my understanding the Gartner sales process. Gartner felt like a good fit, culturally. 

Advice for 2024: NCSC is a great and quick way to network with people that you may be working with one day.


Brian H., Client Executive

I was from a blue-collar family and a very small town; NCSC literally made my career! At Gartner, I was able to interface with C-level executives and help them solve their ongoing issues. In my role, I have created genuine relationships, which, in turn, made me a better communicator and salesperson.

Advice for 2024: Find a company that is growing, as it creates more opportunities for you to advance early in your career.


Kathryn M., Business Development Associate

The NCSC taught me about the structure of a sales meeting and gave me exposure with many potential employers. 

Advice for 2024: Role-play as much as possible. This will make the sales call feel more natural and will be one of the best times to network.

Alex W., Business Development Specialist

After my role-plays, I received feedback, which gave me the opportunity to identify specific areas I could improve on before I began my role, allowing me to hit the ground running. Gartner had a very impressive interview process, which I believed reflected the great company culture. I was proven right!

Advice for 2024: Make an effort to meet as many people as possible — competitors, company representatives, coaches and anyone else you come across.

Bailey B., Account Executive

NCSC has impacted my career in a significant way. It gave me exposure to both in-person and virtual sales cycles, and it taught me how to navigate difficult selling situations. It also showed me firsthand how well Gartner coaches its employees and sets them up for success. I wanted to be a part of that!

Advice for 2024: Practice, practice, practice, and don't be afraid to work hard. I still reference my competition notes, even now in a quota-bearing role, to give me guidance.


Matthew A., Client Executive, Strategic Accounts

It's hard to state the impact because it has been so huge, but most importantly, it allowed me the confidence to start my career and prepared me for my next step. Gartner was the best choice for me because of the sheer size of its coverage areas. It gave me a chance to work directly with health, retail, government, technology startups, large companies and so much more.

Advice for 2024: Don't forget to dig into the "Why" behind any challenges a buyer shares in role-plays. This is also a great networking opportunity, so don't forget to ask for feedback at the end, either. This event is one of my favorite college memories, and it will be what you make of it.


Autumn H., Account Manager

NCSC does a fantastic job of displaying student talent and giving plenty of internship/career opportunities, and for me, why I landed at Gartner. Here, I get to be a strategic partner to my clients and benefit from the genuine and energetic culture.

Advice for 2024: You're on the path to success just by showing up. Talk to EVERYONE. You have no idea how many connections made now will come up later.

Good luck to everyone participating at NCSC this year. You can learn more about early career opportunities at Gartner here.