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Gartner's Global Talent Lab Program

One of the many impactful programs Gartner offers is the Global Talent Lab. This program is designed to develop, enable, and equip the best Research & Advisory experts in the world. The Global Talent Lab is specifically tailored for rapid skill acquisition where lab associates are given a platform to gain the knowledge and experience to impact the future of business and become a subject matter expert within 15-18 months. 

The ideal candidate group for the program is early to mid career professionals with 4-6 years of experience. If you are an intellectually agile professional looking to accelerate as an influential, industry-leading expert, here are some insights on the Global Talent Lab interview process and advice from associates:

How to prepare for your interview:

  • Intellectual agility is the key trait for this role. So put together examples before your interview where you can demonstrate your learning agility, curious mindset and ability to grasp and learn things quickly
  • Prepare your specific domain area well so that you can share examples from your current experience that demonstrate the skills and competencies you have been able to build so far. Critical thinking is a must so come prepared on how you will apply it in real life examples/problem solving.

Pieces of advice for someone who is about to interview: 

  • Bring your authentic self to the interview. Be confident. Clear and concise communication is a must. Share examples or instances where you have learned new skills or new expert areas.

How to stand out in your interview:

  • Listening is as important as speaking. So have an inquisitive mind. Be curious and ask relevant questions. Along with it show your logical and  structured thought process while answering questions. Try to think on your feet for topics where you don't have right answers in mind. 


Associates who have gone through the Global Talent Lab have had experiences like no other. Tapan Upmanyu, an Associate Principal in  Research Analyst Lab, described his experience as professionally enriching. In a very short period of time, Tapan  has been able to develop a subject matter expertise in his area. He now advises a wide range of Gartner Clients that ranges from IT Leaders to C-suite executives and enables them to make business decisions. Tapan has a multitude of exposure such as 1-1 client interactions, addressing large multi-client events in webinars and conferences, and press/media publication. He is able to build his personal brand as an influential thought leader. Also, with these exposures and skill development, he is able to meet his personal growth goals.

Here are 3 tips Tapan has offered that will set you up for success in the the Global Talent Lab Program:

  1. Have a curious mindset that wants to know the how, what, and why of areas you are learning.
  2. Learn from peers through teamwork and collaboration on various research notes and projects.
  3. Strengthen your communication skills to present your thoughts and ideas to industry leaders across the globe impactfully.

The opportunities and learning experiences are limitless when you join Gartner’s Global Talent Lab Program. Look at the openings on our research and advisory team here