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Our People

Our Associates Celebrate their Top Achievements at Gartner

With the new year come new intentions and opportunities, and at Gartner, things are no different. Throughout the company, associates are setting goals, planning strategies and getting ready to be better, faster and stronger in 2024.

With this in mind, we want to support these efforts in shaping success by asking some of our associates who are celebrating another year at Gartner this month about their biggest wins. In sharing their stories, we hope to inspire you toward your own milestones and accomplishments during the year ahead. 


Tiffany Q.

Director, Talent Development, Virginia

23 years

“My biggest accomplishment — and the one I’m most proud of — was when I was first promoted to Senior Account Executive in 2007. I supported one of our Public-sector clients with a tech innovation project utilizing a public-private partnership. I had been in the role for two months with no state and local government background, but through my relationship with the State CIO, asking him many questions, I could open many doors.

“As a team, we demonstrated the power of Gartner and generated years of business through our Research and Consulting resources. It was a great moment seeing everything come together and realizing I could have such an outsize impact on the client and Gartner’s business.”


Kristen V.

Senior Territory Planning Director, Stamford

9 years

“Gartner is full of opportunity, and our potential here is limitless — every year has presented new challenges, business issues and wins. Although I’ve stayed in the same functional area, my role is very different today than when I joined nine years ago — and it continues to evolve. I’ve been able to help shape an important function and see the growth and success that has ensued.

“Working closely with leaders to evaluate, recommend and implement go-to-market sales strategies is the heart of what our team does. My greatest achievements so far are related to building Sales teams that address a material opportunity for Gartner.”


Himanshi S.

Senior Deal Hub Associate, Gurgaon

3 years

“My greatest achievements since joining have all been related to professional growth: I’ve pursued my master’s degree, taken on stretch goals and been encouraged to become a subject matter expert in my role. I’ve been given so many opportunities to go above and beyond by providing and executing the best solutions for our clients, as well — I’m growing as Gartner is growing!

“Gartner has been a powerhouse of knowledge, growth and opportunity for me. I love how much support my leadership has given me to take on new challenges and get out of my comfort zone.”


Deven T.

VP, IT, Arlington

2 years

“In comparison to my experience working at other large companies, I find Gartner remarkable. I’d love to highlight two macro themes. First, our resilience across business cycles is driven by our senior leadership’s ability to steer us pragmatically through ups and downs. During unprecedented times, Gartner stood out for its responsible stewardship and consistent business performance. And second, there’s the people at Gartner, who have built a fantastic machine that is driving this business. I love the opportunity to work with such talented colleagues and help bring to life the next round of growth at Gartner.”

The culture at Gartner seeks to motivate our associates to go above and beyond, but we also know that we don’t reach new heights alone. It’s important to win together.

We want to thank all our associates for their inspiring words, and if you find yourself ready to explore the wide range of exciting opportunities at Gartner, click here to find out more.