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How Gina Jenkins is Growing with Gartner

Gina Jenkins, Associate University Recruiter, joined Gartner in November 2021 after learning about the opportunity through a recruiter she connected with through Jopwell. Read on to learn more about Gina’s experience at Gartner and discover her advice for candidates. 

How did you find Gartner? What made you want to apply for a role at Gartner? 

I was actually not as familiar with Gartner prior to a recruiter reaching out to me. My ultimate goal was to become a University Recruiter, but did not know the opportunity would present itself when it did. So after my initial call with my recruiter, I began to do more research and even discussed the opportunity with my husband who had several colleagues already working for Gartner. I quickly learned that Gartner is a place that values diversity not only in its employees but also in their perspectives, input and ideas. It is a leading organization driving change in 76% of the S&P 500 all while maintaining a culture of inclusion, collaboration and growth. 

How has your team, manager, and/or Gartner as a whole supported your career growth and development? 

I have monthly 1:1’s with the Director of my business unit where we discuss my strengths and areas of opportunity. Then we plan ways to help support those areas and/or any goals or highlights I would like to accomplish. In addition, my Team Lead always presents me with opportunities to get exposure across Gartner on any processes and/or skills I have learned. Not only to share my growth but also to challenge me in new and exciting ways.

What would you say to others who are considering a role at Gartner? 

If you are ready to be challenged and stretched every single day with the support of your peers and leaders, then this is the place for you. At Gartner, it is encouraged to be vocal about your career goals and how you want to grow. So get ready to be supported by a team who actually cares about YOU!  

What advice do you have for someone who is in the process of applying for a role/interviewing for a role at Gartner? 

  1. Educate yourself on Gartner – who we are and what we do (check out our YouTube channel). 
  2. Follow the hashtag #LifeAtGartner to learn about Gartner’s culture, associates who grow with Gartner and check out these 5 Tips for Interview Success from one of our recruiters. 
  3. Look through LinkedIn for current associates and connect with them for a 15 minute conversation to ask your top 3 questions about the role you’re interested in and/or simply learn more about the company. More connections you have, the more you’ll know.

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