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Growing With Gartner - For a Second Time

Gartner’s benefits, culture and innovative business make our company a unique and exciting place to build a career. Some of our associates have reaffirmed this after taking new roles with other organizations – and coming right back to Gartner! Read on to learn about Armin Zarnani, Senior Account Executive Jamileh Habash, Senior Sales Manager, and Mohit Malik, Software Engineer, IT and discover why they decided to rejoin Gartner.

Armin Zarnani, Senior Account Executive, Conferences

I initially joined Gartner in July 2017 as an Account Executive on the Global Exhibitor Sales (GES) team in the UK. Having worked in the enterprise B2B and B2C conference space, every organization I spoke to or worked with had heard of Gartner and its incredible market reputation, so it was a place I deeply admired and wanted to join. I knew if I ever left a great company like Gartner it would only be for a globally recognized brand, and in November 2020 I joined a well-known organization to pursue a new career in the Software-as-a-Service space. But, about a year later rejoined the GES team in Egham managing our CIO, Digital Workplace and Enterprise Application Conferences in Europe.

So, what brought me back? I came back for a number of key reasons: the company’s core values are very closely aligned to mine, as well as my passion for identifying new partners for our conferences, and forging long-term strategic partnerships as a trusted advisor to help organizations achieve their mission-critical priorities. The role also offers potentially life-changing compensation.

What made me want to come back though was our brand in the market, the fantastic team culture, the GES growth and champion mindset, our values around Diversity, equity and inclusion, and the opportunities to engage with new innovation organizations and watch them grow into multi-million-dollar global players. Most importantly, I love the GES team.  I am now also part of the Veterans at Gartner leadership team. Coming back was the best decision I ever made! 


Jamileh Habash, Senior Sales Manager, Sales

In 2012, I joined Gartner in Los Angeles, CA as an Account Executive. Gartner is hugely respected in the IT industry and I admired the impact it had on executives and their business success – I wanted to be a part of driving it! 

After eight years as an Individual Contributor and Sales Manager, I decided to leave Gartner, for an opportunity to lead another organization’s growth initiative within their West Coast Consumer Products and Retail Market. Unfortunately, shortly after I joined, the world went into full quarantine. Like everyone, I was watching how companies were supporting their people during the pandemic. Reflecting on my experience at Gartner, I was reminded why I had initially joined and where I best thrive – people-first culture, centered around development and coaching as a priority for Leaders, and market impact. I needed that again, so I began tapping into my Gartner network. In January 2021, I came back to Gartner as a Senior Sales Manager. 

The world feels different now, and so does Gartner. We have evolved from a $1B company to a $4.7B company, supporting all business functions and their mission critical priorities, while achieving sustainable growth year over year. But, ultimately, what keeps me at Gartner are the people and culture. I get to work with incredibly talented professionals who push me and my teams to be the best versions of ourselves. There truly is no other company that does what we do in the market for our clients, and being able to directly contribute to the growth and innovation inspires me to drive my career forward.


Mohit Malik, Software Engineer, IT

I started at Gartner in 2018, in a role establishing the Power BI Center of Excellence. It was an exciting opportunity for me because it let me delve into self-service analytics and transition from a background in data & project management to being an individual contributor, which I knew would offer room for growth. I was also thrilled to enable people to use a tool I had been self-taught on. After a little over two years, I was looking for an opportunity to expand my horizons and learn new tools, so I took a role with an IT consulting firm in 2021 to explore Business Intelligence and gain insights into web development.

I came back to Gartner three months ago for an opportunity to set up the governance on the Power Platform, and share it across the organization. I realized from previous experience that I was able to understand the core concepts when I worked with individuals who are ready to explore and challenge the solutions, which in the end helped me to master the subject. I’m looking forward to contributing and being a part of the change we wish to see in the digital workplace.

My job duties have expanded but, to me, everything still feels the same. It's a culture and environment I've been part of before and I knew exactly what I was signing up for!

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