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Tirath Mehta Makes In-Person Connections at our India Offices

Tirath Mehta, Gartner’s Group Vice President (GVP) of IT Research & Consulting Delivery, recently visited with our teams located in India. As a global, virtual-first company, many of our associates do not have the opportunity to routinely interact with co-workers in-person on a regular basis. Tirath recently took the opportunity to travel from North America to India to connect and meet with fellow Gartner associates. Tirath shared his experience and the opportunities he gained from his visit. 

Tirath began his trip by visiting Bengaluru, then Chennai, and lastly Gurgaon. “My third and final stop on my India journey was Gurgaon! It was highlighted by Gartner’s amazing new office. I was able to connect with not only the IT team, but with several leaders and teams across: Finance, Global Sales, Strategy, & Operations (GSSO), Human Resources,  & Research & Advisory. This was an amazing experience and I was thrilled to meet the broader Gartner team. Even in a virtual-first environment, in-person collaboration makes a huge difference.”

The connections Tirath was able to make on his trip to India are like no other. No matter where Gartner’s leaders and associates are in the world, they make the effort to connect with colleagues. Tirath is just one of many senior leaders who has traveled to India to connect with associates and their teams. One of Gartner’s senior leaders, Mike Diliberto, Chief Information Officer, also traveled to Gurgaon, India for the grand opening of our new Gartner India Center of Excellence. 

During his visit, Mike shared, “Thrilled to be in Gurgaon once again, seeing our associates come together for the opening of our new India Center of Excellence. So many talented people doing great things to positively impact the world.” 

The experiences these two Gartner leaders had are unparalleled. Despite being in a virtual-first environment, Tirath and Mike still love having the option to meet in-person with fellow Gartner associates to form connections, collaborate, and bring new ideas to life. The efforts these Gartner leaders have made are exemplary and the perfect example of what makes our culture unique. When we bring the brightest minds together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

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