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Life At Gartner

The Secret to our Success

The events of the last few years have continued to have a profound impact on society, business and the public sector worldwide. At Gartner, our global workforce is helping our clients to successfully navigate these new challenges presented by humanitarian, political, social and economic issues. So, what is the secret to our success? It's really not a secret at all! 

Gartner is purposefully built to help clients successfully navigate real-time, complex challenges presented by changes in the global economy. Our unique approach enables us to adjust, adapt and pivot our strategy when macro-environmental shifts occur.  Whether a client is in growth mode, cost optimization mode or a combination of both, Gartner offers the ability to support their unique priorities and key initiatives. Gartner’s continued double-digit growth is a testament to the hard work of our talented associates and our ability to remain nimble as we navigate the demands of the ever-changing world.


People First: We put the health and well-being of our people and their families first. As a result, we’ve shifted to a virtual-first model. This means our associates have the flexibility to work from home most of the time and spend time with colleagues in the office for in-person connections like recognition events, team meetings and training.


Adaptability Is Key: At Gartner, we adjust, adapt and pivot when the macro-environment shifts to ensure success for our clients and our people. We’ve remained agile in an ever-changing world by transitioning to hosting virtual conferences, prioritizing the growth and development of our people and launching various complementary resources on critical topics including:

Coronavirus | Diversity & Inclusion | Future of WorkRussia’s Invasion of Ukraine


Connect In New Ways: Our people and clients worldwide have adjusted to a new normal. We’re continuing to acquire new clients and hire great talent to ensure we continue to provide best-in-class service while working remotely.  We’re leveraging the best of technology to harness the power of building virtual connections. 



Champion Mindset: We know the right things to consistently execute, take responsibility for driving results, and persevere when the going gets tough. It’s what sets us apart and continues to shape our path towards success. 



Drive Results: Our clients need us now more than ever. We know the best practices that lead to success and continue to deliver the insights, advice and tools our clients need during these unprecedented times.


We constantly monitor business conditions within the macroeconomic environment. In our 43 years as a company, we have seen and experienced organizational changes driven by a variety of external factors. While Gartner continues to grow as a global company, we've proven our ability to swiftly and thoughtfully pivot our strategy when external factors and/or business requirements make it necessary for us to do so. This allows us to better support our clients, hire more great talent and create even more opportunities for our associates to grow with Gartner. 

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