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Life At Gartner

Supporting Associates & Putting Family First: Our Benefits Program

As a people-driven organization, the health and wellbeing of our associates is our top priority at Gartner. To support our associates through all aspects of life, we offer meaningful, innovative and inclusive benefit programs.

Time off to be with loved ones

The birth or adoption of a child is one of those special times in an associate’s life that requires extended time and attention away from work. To support this unique life event, Gartner provides a paid parental leave benefit to associates in the United States for the birth or adoption of a child. “Thanks to the tremendous support I’ve received from my team, I feel totally comfortable to take some time away from work to be with my son,” says Matthias Graf, Senior Director, Analyst

On-the-go support

In order to live well, it’s important for associates to know that their family is taken care of – even if they can’t be there. Gartner’s breast milk delivery program helps to make business travel easier for mothers by shipping milk back to their homes in a safe and convenient manner. “This program was invaluable to me and my baby girl. I had to relocate to Florida 6 weeks before my family so that I could start my job at Gartner, and I am so thankful that I was able to send breastmilk to my youngest during that time. It was extremely comforting knowing that even if I couldn’t be with her physically, I was still able to provide this important component to our daughter,” said Kristin Gordon, Client Manager.

Navigating back to school 

As COVID-19 regulations continue to impact education systems across the globe, many have transitioned to a remote classroom environment, where parents and caregivers are expected to give additional support to students during the day. Gartner is offering a variety of back to school resources to help associates and their families navigate these uncertain times.

A helping hand

Gartner provides subsidized back-up care when there are unexpected disruptions to regular care arrangements for children and adults/elders. “Earlier this year, I found myself suddenly without childcare for my 1-year-old. I was commuting three-and-a-half hours each day and had no idea how I would manage my schedule and professional responsibilities. That’s when I found out about the back-up childcare Gartner offers. With only a day’s notice, I was able to book a reliable, trustworthy caregiver to watch my son. It can sometimes feel impossible to balance work and family, but this has made it all the more manageable,” said Samantha Grasso, Marketing Copywriter. 

Family planning and education

In the U.S.,  Gartner offers a robust suite of benefits and resources to support associates thinking about starting or expanding their family, expecting a child, or navigating the early years of parenting. These include fertility/infertility benefits and support programs, health coaching, and maternity and parenting apps.

*Outside the U.S., benefits vary by country and typically include paid time off, maternity leave, parental leave, healthcare, life and disability insurance, and retirement benefits.

Learn more about how our comprehensive approach to benefits helps our associates to live their lives well here.