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Gartner’s Virtual Speed Selling Competition

Gartner recently hosted our first annual Virtual Speed Selling Competition to kick off the fall semester and help prepare students for the National Collegiate Sales Competition in March, where Gartner is the official product sponsor. Read on to learn more about the program.


98 competitors from over 46 universities were nominated by their professors to join Gartner’s Virtual Speed Selling Competition (VSSC). The competition involved 2 rounds: the first was an elevator pitch where students were asked to introduce themselves and give an overview of their experience. Our judges, recruiters and sales associates at Gartner, selected the top 10 students to advance to the second round. In the second round, students were given 3 minutes to pitch a product to a CEO of a fictional company. 

The product the students were pitching is the same product that students will be selling this year at the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC). In addition to practicing their sales skills and getting real time feedback from Gartner professionals, students who participated in the VSSC this year also had the opportunity to hear about our new NCSC Product which we developed for this year’s competition. 

Our judges selected the top 4 pitches out of the 10 finalists to win this year’s competition. Students enjoyed the opportunity to interact with Gartner, learn about this year’s NCSC product, and brush up on their sales skills. Read on to hear from our judges, participants and representatives from some of the universities who joined us.

“Participating as a judge in Gartner’s VSSC was extremely rewarding! I loved the overall energy and enthusiasm, as well as preparation the students brought into their pitches. It served as a challenge for students to “sell themselves” while tailoring their experiences directly to Gartner. I highly encourage students to take advantage of personal and professional development opportunities, just like this speed selling competition. It was incredible to give students feedback that will influence their selling careers moving forward!” Caitlin Carlen, Recruiter at Gartner and Judge at the Competition

“Pressure brings out the best in people. This is especially true in education where students are at times shielded from the pressures, stresses, and reality of the business world. Gartner’s Virtual Speed Selling Competition provides undergrads from across the world to test their skills, under pressure, without the consequences of the business world.” - Zach Hall, Sales Center Director at Texas Christian University

“This year I was honored to represent The Catholic University of America by participating in Gartner’s NCSC Virtual Speed Selling Competition and placing within the Top Ten finalists. I was given the opportunity and resources to learn about Gartner’s products and present myself to Gartner’s team through an elevator pitch competition and role play scenario. Ultimately, Gartner’s NCSC competition allowed me to build upon my sales skills and develop connections with leaders within a successful industry-leading company.” - Caroline Beckett, Sales Program Ambassador at Catholic University of America

“Gartner's NCSC Virtual Speed Selling Competition provided our students with an impactful experiential learning opportunity in which they were able to apply and showcase their sales skills developed in the classroom. This program allowed our Sales Program students to sell in a highly-competitive professional environment, which empowered them to learn, adapt, and further develop an executive presence through their participation.” - Ryan Reilly, Sales Program Manager at Catholic University of America

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