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Gartner Receives ‘Excellence in Service’ Award from Pure India.

We are happy to share that Gartner has been awarded the PURE Social Impact Award Pure India in the category of ‘excellence in service’ for our contributions to health and sanitation projects in India. 

Pure India was established in March 2013, with a mission to provide quality Education & Employment opportunities in rural & semi-urban areas. It is an organization that Gartner has been supporting for the past two years as part of our CSR Compliance in India, working with them on health and sanitation projects. Learn more about how the Gartner team has partnered with PURE India here.

Recently, Gartner India attended the PURE Social Impact Awards 2022 and received the CSR Award for Service Excellence in health and sanitation. The award is a recognition of our efforts towards social responsibility and our commitment to making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

This was the first time that the Award ceremony was held at a national level and over 40+ corporations attended the event. The PURE Social Impact Award is a national recognition that celebrates institutions that have made outstanding contributions to their respective fields in the year 2022.

Interested in learning more about our opportunities in Gurgaon and how to join a team dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility? Click this link to find out more.