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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How Gartner Associates Are Recognizing Veterans Throughout November

Each year, on November 11th, we celebrate Veterans Day in the United States. At Gartner, we use this day to recognize, pay respects, and honor veterans and their families worldwide. Learn more below. 


This year, to honor Veterans Day, our Veterans at Gartner Employee Resource Group organized events throughout the month of November. They will be kicking off the month by launching the #22Challenge - an initiative that encourages associates throughout the organization to participate in 22-related activities, such as a 22 second plank, reading 22 pages of a book, or donating $22 dollars to charity. The purpose of the challenge is to raise awareness of the military suicide crisis, as every day 22 veterans take their own lives.  Through this challenge, our associates will show their support for veterans and the military community and encourage colleagues and teams to do the same. 


Our associates have also organized a coffee chat to discuss the significance of  Veterans Day and the mission of the Veterans at Gartner ERG. This chat will be an interactive discussion for associates to share their personal stories about being a Veteran or honoring those close to them, while discussing how they can help contribute to make a difference for the broader Veterans community. 


We’ll wrap up the month with a discussion about resilience and “finding your why'' through a conversation with Rebecca Calder, the first female pilot to graduate from the US Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN). Rebecca will share how her resilience helped pave the way for female pilots in the military and how to connect your work with a greater purpose to help serve your mission in life. 


Here at Gartner we are committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment for veterans and their families. We continue to work together to identify new ways to strengthen our culture, create new opportunities and enhance our offerings to better support our associates. Our associates play a critical role in making this possible. Hear first-hand as they share their experiences below.


“I would encourage other veterans to join Gartner because in my experience this is an organization that puts time and effort into hiring top Veteran talent with diverse skill sets, and we have experienced leadership to help use those skills.” - Ricardo Cerda, Account Manager (1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division and Airforce Intelligence Analyst)


“I feel lucky to have found a great place to work that is fun, challenging and supportive of veterans. Everyone here has been so helpful, taking time to explain the little and big things.” - Krysta Anthony, Director, Consulting (U.S. Marines Corps Reserve Major)


“My sense of purpose is grounded in my family and service to others. Having never previously been in the sales function, I’m grateful for our leadership who roll up their sleeves and simplify the process so it’s easier for our customers to understand how their lives will be better through Gartner’s support.” - Brendan Cremins, Account Executive (Naval Flight Officer)

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