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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How Gartner Associates Are Recognizing Veterans Throughout November

Throughout the month of November, we are recognizing, paying respects and honoring veterans and their families worldwide. Learn more below.

Our Veterans at Gartner Employee Resource Group (ERG) are kicking off the month by launching the #22Challenge - an initiative that encourages associates throughout the organization to participate in 22-related activities, such as a 22 second plank, reading 22 pages of a book, or donating $22 dollars to charity. The purpose of the challenge is to raise awareness of the military suicide crisis, as every day 22 veterans take their own lives. Through this challenge, our associates will show their support for veterans and the military community and encourage colleagues and teams to do the same. 

In addition, associates are invited to attend a panel discussion to explore the concept of intersectionality within the veteran community, shedding light on how diverse identities and experiences intersect to shape the unique challenges and triumphs of our service members. Finally, some of our Veterans at Gartner will be hosting a coffee chat to discuss what their time in the service has meant to them. 

Here at Gartner we are committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment for veterans and their families. We continue to work together to identify new ways to strengthen our culture, create new opportunities and enhance our offerings to better support our associates. Our associates play a critical role in making this possible. Hear first-hand as they share their experiences below.

“During the transition to “civilian life”, the Veterans Employee Resource Group was extremely helpful in my transition back to the civilian workforce. Gartner’s leadership has been helpful in assisting with identifying what skills I acquired in my leadership positions in the Army and how I can use them at Gartner.” - Philip Tanner, Client Success Manager, Captain 


“Veterans bring a lot of real-world leadership experience that is unmatched. They are quick-learners and can successfully navigate through difficult situations while keeping calm. I have learned this by watching my own brother lead 200 army personnel.” - Anita Ann Babu, Lead Researcher


“When I first started at Gartner, a handful of Veterans reached out to welcome me to the team. They introduced me to the veterans at Gartner group that routinely hosts coffee chats, team-building events, and resources to help veterans navigate the commercial industry. In addition to veteran support, my leadership team at Gartner is exceptional! They constantly provide purpose, motivation, and direction and are always available for mentorship. It’s incredible to have leaders who genuinely care about you and take time to ensure you reach your goals.” - Michael Sanchez, Account Executive, Captain

Are you interested in learning more about how we support Veterans at Gartner? If so, sign up for our on-demand webinar to hear first-hand from some of our Veterans about their experiences with transitioning from the military to Gartner, as well as insights into the recruitment process and opportunities on the team. Sign up for the webinar here.