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How COVID-19 Is Changing the Recruiting and Hiring Process

We asked our recruiting team in Gurgaon, India to answer some frequently asked questions.  See their responses on the blog. 

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt all industries around the world, companies are searching for ways to remain productive and deliver value, despite these unprecedented circumstances.  With a majority of the global workforce now remote and social distancing guidelines in place, the recruiting and hiring process has changed significantly.

So, what does this mean for candidates seeking new opportunities? We asked our recruiting team in Gurgaon, India to answer some frequently asked questions.  See their responses below. 

How have some of your routine practices changed in light of COVID-19?

Networking: As recruiters, our key objective is to build a strong talent pipeline.  To do this, we rely heavily on networking with top talent in the industry we support. While this goal remains the same, even amidst COVID-19, the way in which we go about it has changed. Typically we would host and/or attend local networking events where we could engage with talent, learn about their background and experience, share information about Gartner, and the opportunities we have to offer. Instead, we now rely heavily on virtual meet-ups and social media for conversing with potential candidates.   

Tip: Successful networking is about building relationships.  It’s a two-way street.  Before reaching out to ask about a job, think about what you can offer your contact to make the connection mutually beneficial.

Interviews:  As a result of social distancing, most of the global workforce has shifted to working remotely, and in many areas, people are expected to comply with strict lockdown procedures. At Gartner, we’ve prioritized the health and safety of our associates, clients, and prospective candidates, therefore we’ve had to adopt new best practices throughout our hiring process.  Rather than our typical in-person interviews, we’re now relying on technology for that “face-to-face” interaction.  

Tip: The goal of a face-to-face interview is to build a personal rapport with each other.  Treat your virtual interview the same way you would a traditional in-person meeting.  You can find more virtual interview tips here.

What advice do you have for candidates during this time?

With so many things up in the air, one that remains unchanged is your talent. Preserve it and keep grooming it.  It is essential to keep yourself updated and use your free time judiciously. For ideas on how you can make yourself stand out, read our recent blog, 4 Tips for Job Seekers: Stepping Up In Trying Times.

What have the last few weeks looked like for you and your teams?

The first few weeks were a bit challenging as everyone adapted to a new way of working.  Luckily for us, Gartner already had the technology infrastructure in place to help make the transition smoother.  The team quickly adapted and established new routines.  Through it all, we continue to stay focused on our business goals while enjoying some of the silver linings – with no commute, we now have a little extra time to spend with our family, take up a new hobby or focus on self-care and personal growth.

Are you interested in working with talented professionals? At Gartner, our associates strive to do their best work for their clients, teammates, and themselves. Learn more about our culture and how you can work with and learn from the best and brightest here.