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Gartner's University Webinar Series

Gartner’s University Webinar series started in 2020 to provide students and recent graduates with an opportunity to learn more about Gartner and participate in professional development workshops. For the third consecutive year, Gartner offered a variety of webinars to young professionals around the world. Read on to learn more about this year’s series.

This year, over 5,000 participants joined us across the 26 webinars that we hosted. The students and young professionals were eager to learn more about Gartner and discover tips for success from our associates. Angela Pittman, Senior Recruiting Programs Manager shared about the importance of the series, “The Gartner University Webinar Series provides students with an amazing opportunity to learn more about Gartner, dive into the various positions and roles that we hire for, gain exposure to leaders and recruiting professionals at all levels, give them a glimpse into our interview process as well as offer numerous professional development workshops to help the students enhance some of their soft skills.” 

This year, some of our most popular webinars gave students the opportunity to enhance their skills and learn about Gartner. These included workshops about the power of storytelling, what a day in the life of a consultant looks like, an introduction to Gartner’s sales team, problem solving, and the importance of executive presence. Some of the participants shared the following about their experience attending these sessions: 

“The panelists shared personal experiences at Gartner, why they chose this firm over others, and the ways the firm’s principles aligned with their ethical values.”

“I enjoyed hearing about the diverse experiences and paths that brought each participant to Gartner. Their enthusiasm for the company and how it has helped them in their professional journey was inspiring.”

“I loved the energy and confidence of the speakers, which is sometimes difficult to come through in virtual settings. What sets Gartner apart from other consulting firms really shined through in this session. I have a better understanding of the firm's culture and am realizing that I could see myself working at Gartner after attending multiple sessions.” 

While this year's University Webinar Series may have ended, we encourage you to check out our recruiting and networking events calendar to find virtual webinars related to life at Gartner, our various teams, and workshops to build your skills. 

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