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6 Ways to Succeed During Your First Few Months at Gartner

Are you interested in joining Gartner’s global team? Below, our newly hired associates are sharing their tips of success for other candidates interested in joining the team.

1. Come in with an open mind

New hires often tell the recruitment team that Gartner’s approach is unlike anything they have experienced before. Come prepared to be challenged, reframe your views and quickly apply new learning, and you will fit right in.

2. Talk to everyone 

At Gartner, everyone is a potential source of learning and support. It’s common to see tenured associates sitting down with new hires from cross-functional teams over coffee (either in person or virtually), sharing client tips, work histories, or advice on handling difficult situations. 

3. Be proactive

Learning opportunities are everywhere at Gartner. You can take advantage of regular global training sessions that are internally advertised, or if you identify someone whom you feel you could learn from, nothing stops you from reaching out. Globally, every team is looking for ways to improve the way they work, and it’s likely that they are just as keen to hear your thoughts as you are to hear theirs. New ideas are always welcome, of course, provided you are prepared to take ownership of them!

4. Ask for feedback

To get better and better at new responsibilities, you’ll have to try, fail and reinvent. But very quickly you’ll learn that there is no better way to learn than to ask directly for feedback, and this can come from anyone. What does your manager think of your approach? Have your peers any recommendations or ideas? How do other teams view their working relationship with your function, or with you? Is there anything they would prefer to be done differently?

5. Keep track, and celebrate the small wins

As with any new company, the initial adjustment period can be challenging. Find a way to track your own activities, and make time for it regularly. Remember to share your ”wins” with your team or a friend, and commemorate them! Be it your first great client meeting, a word of appreciation from a colleague, or discovering a new way of working, treasure these ”a-ha” moments. They will help you unlock new insights into your role, stay motivated and adapt more quickly.

6. Recognize that it’s a journey

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, and own up to them. In some companies, mistakes are frowned upon, but at Gartner it is the lessons you have learned and the actions you take that demonstrate your ability to adapt and grow, that matter the most. Transparency, humility, and moving forward as a collective are all cornerstones of how teams at Gartner push to get better all the time.

Are you looking for a job where you’ll do challenging, groundbreaking work? At Gartner, each and every associate has a hand in our success. Learn more about how you can make an impact with your work here.