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Growing with Gartner: Developing Your Talent

Gartner is a company that champions your learning and growth. That’s why our leaders have designed a range of career development programs to help you get where you want to go. Let’s hear from some Gartner associates who have participated in these programs and discover how it helped boost their careers!

Sales Development Program

The Sales Development Program (SDP) hires recent college graduates and, through a 12-15 month training program, prepares them to confidently take on full quota-bearing sales roles. Designed to equip participants with the skills and business acumen they need to be successful in their roles, the program offers two tracks: one in business development and one in account management.

Valeria Castillo, Senior Account Executive, recently graduated from the SDP

I started at CEB (Corporate Executive Board) just after graduating college, about six months before Gartner acquired the company, and I’ve been here for about five years now. When I started, I went through all the usual Account Management roles, and it felt like moving into sales was the natural next step. I heard about the SDP from my manager and other colleagues who raved about it, and it seemed like a great way to build a network and learn the fundamentals.

The program was really well structured. For the first few weeks, it’s all about the basics: call cadence, territory, prospects. Then you execute what you’ve learned, armed with all the tools and resources you need to get started. One of the best things about the program was the networking and having a supportive group of peers who were all having the same experience.

After the program, I started as an Account Executive (AE), and last year I was promoted to Senior AE. I found the program so helpful, and I would encourage anyone who is able to go through it.


Global Service & Delivery Aspiring Manager Academy/New Manager Academy

The Aspiring Manager Academy (AMA) and New Manager Academy (NMA) are two steps in the Service organization’s approach to developing leaders. Candidates first participate in the AMA, which consists of a series of sessions designed to increase their understanding of leadership skills. At the end of the program, they’re able to interview for promotion to a management role. If successful, they attend the NMA, which supports their transition into the new role.

Pam French, Manager, Client Success, completed both programs in 2022

I’ve been with Gartner for almost 10 years now. After joining, and after a few years as a Client Partner, I became interested in pursuing a leadership role, and my manager recommended the AMA. I joined to learn more about being a leader and to make sure this was the path for me. It turned out to be really valuable — you learn the basic skills of what it means to be a leader, and you get to do it alongside a network of peers who support you and help you learn.

After graduating the AMA, I took on my current role as a manager of the open territory and participated in the NMA. The skills I learned were really helpful for this transition. Things like time management and understanding how to manage a team of eight to 10 associates, on top of other initiatives, and incorporating a good framework for how to lead. I would absolutely recommend the AMA and NMA for anyone who is considering leadership in Services.


Research & Advisory Talent Lab

Our Global Talent Lab takes early-career associates through a 15-18 month program designed to help them learn critical business skills, develop a network and accelerate their career within Gartner’s’ Advisory, Analyst, or Research fields. The program is structured in four phases, offering increasingly challenging work and creating an environment where associates can rapidly gain the skills, knowledge and real-world experience they need to impact the business.

Tapan Upmanyu, Principal Analyst, completed the Talent Lab program earlier this year

Prior to joining Gartner, I was leading a team in a telecommunications business when I saw a LinkedIn post from a connection who worked here. I’d heard from him about Gartner’s work and culture – and about the Talent Lab program – so I decided to apply, and began my Gartner journey about two years ago.

The Talent Lab has given me the opportunity to work alongside industry-leading analysts who provided guidance at every step. I got training on aspects of writing, presentations and producing compelling research. The lab leadership team helped me carve out a growth path and provided ongoing feedback to help me reflect on what went well and where I can improve.

I’m now a Principal Analyst with the Digital Workplace Application Team. I aspire to keep producing must-have research for our clients and eventually lead a key initiative here at Gartner. Thanks to the guidance from this program, I quickly developed subject matter expertise, had the opportunity to advise a wide range of clients, present at conferences and webinars, and now I get to work with C-level executives!

Gartner’s Global Talent Lab program is designed to develop, enable and equip the best Research & Advisory experts in the world. It’s specifically tailored for rapid skill acquisition, and offers a platform to gain the knowledge and experience to impact the business and become subject matter experts in under two years. If you are an intellectually agile associate looking to accelerate your growth as an influential, industry-leading expert, Talent Lab is the place for you.

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