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Get To Know Gartner’s Data Science Team

Ever wonder what it would be like to work on our Data Science team? Our Service Operations Centre of Excellence is based in Gurgaon, India is responsible for ensuring global Client retention. The Data Science team innovates the way towards helping clients receive value, so technology leaders will be able to make smarter decisions in a different way. Our associates on this team deliver valuable insights from unstructured data, developing statistical and machine learning-based methods to build, measure, and improve client engagement & retention. Below, our associates are sharing their first-hand perspectives and what they’ve gained through their role on the team.

How would you describe the work that your team does?

“We explore the latest emerging technologies, as well as what’s current in the data science community. I’ve made a significant impact on multiple teams at various levels” - Archit Dubey, Development Ops Engineer

“Data science is not just about analyzing data and deriving insights, but also that our innovations achieve impact through the products we design” - Rachit Garg, Senior Business Associate

What’s the best part of being on Gartner’s Data Science team?

“After just a few weeks, I feel a part of the data science team, and I can see that the culture and challenging projects will certainly advance my current path” - Aditya Raj, Developer

“The data science team does impactful work utilizing best practices. The innovative labs give me the chance to learn more at any given time” - Surbhi Nagpal, Associate Data Scientist 

“Joining the data science team is not only helping me hone my technical skills but also inculcating a stronger problem-solving mindset” - Tanvi Shrivastav, Business Associate

“Leadership’s emphasis on employee well-being and cutting edge technology differentiates Gartner. When you work with that kind of clarity, you achieve better results” - Nitin Singh, Director

What leaves you feeling most fulfilled?

“The quality of work is quite remarkable. Being part of such an intellectual team makes the environment challenging, which helps us groom our technical skills” -  Upender Phogat, Associate Data Scientist

“Being on the data science team gives me the opportunity to work on cutting edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms along with highly skilled collaborators” - Harshit Ajmani, Associate Data Scientist

“Due to the warm and supportive team culture, I’ve been able to work on pressing use cases with some of the brightest minds in the data science industry” - Mukur Gupta, LEADIT Associate


How has a career in Gartner’s Data Science team helped you?

“Developing innovative solutions to real business challenges has helped me develop into a problem-solving leader in data science” - Priya Goel, Senior Data Scientist

“The data science team is highly innovative and collaborative. Participating across the entire life cycle of projects has sharpened my technical and business skills” - Shankar Kumar, Data Scientist

“Working with some of the experts on the data science team has reframed my perspective on how things transition from idea to reality”-  Mayuna Gupta, LEADIT Associate

Interested in joining the Data Science team? Explore open roles and apply here.