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Gartner's Sales Development Program: Launching Your Sales Career

Are you driven by results and achieving goals? Have a passion for problem-solving? Then Gartner is the right place for you. When joining Gartner Sales, you'll be introduced to a fast-paced, dynamic team providing the highest level of sales support in procuring C-level individuals in some of the world’s most successful companies as potential new clients. And, we give you the training and resources you need to hit the ground running.

World-class sales development: Your launchpad for success

The Gartner Sales Development Program arms you with the knowledge and skills to become a world-class sales professional. Through various classroom and on the-job development opportunities, we’ll equip you with practical tools and meaningful experiences that allow you to increase your business impact and career growth.

What will I learn?

Upon joining Gartner’s Sales Development program, you’ll spend the first month in training with our Sales Learning & Development Team. You will then enter Elevate Learning Journey, where you will progress through both guided and self directed learning periods on key topics including – Get the meeting, Retention Lifecycle and the sales skills that come with client facing interactions, and Pipeline Management from qualification to close.

As you progress, you’ll:

  • Build foundational understanding of our business model and commercial fundamentals
  • Begin to contribute to business outcomes through demand generation and service activities
  • Personally deliver business outcomes and begin to equip yourself for future roles

Once you’ve successfully achieved the above, you’ll get promoted into an individual contributor role. Here, how far you’ll go is up to you!

What can a sales career look like for you? 

Below, see how Gartner associates have grown their careers through our Sales Development Program (SDP) and check out their tips for success. 

Zach Landis, Account Manager

Bio: Zach started at Gartner as a Business Development Specialist. He decided to transition to the Account Executive role to build his business acumen and soft skills. His second and third year in the role involved accelerating those skills, and he has achieved Winners Circle, Gartner’s annual incentive trip two years in a row.  

Career advice: Network as much as possible, sit in on peers’ calls to learn from their style/best practices and always have a coachable mindset.

Jessica Varga, Sales Manager

Bio: Jessica started at Gartner as an Account Management Associate. After graduating SDP in August 2020, she began her quota-bearing role as an Account Executive. In her first year in the role, she focused on developing her skills and business acumen. Year 2 is where she focused on maximizing trust-based relationships with C-level executives to achieve Winners Circle, and Year 3 is where she was able to continue her success and was promoted into a Manager role. 

Career advice: Remain agile and open to constructive criticism. The moment you stop trying to get 1% better daily is the moment you limit your true potential.

Ben Rosenblatt, Business Development Executive

Bio: Ben started at Gartner in 2019 as an Account Management Intern. In 2020 he became a Business Development Associate, and upon graduation he was promoted into a Business Development Manager role. Today, he is a Business Development Executive. 

Career advice: Think of your day as a competition with yourself. Measure and benchmark yourself so you can make sure you’re continuing to grow and develop.

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