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Top Reasons to Intern at Gartner

Happy National Intern Day! Today we recognize the future leaders of the world: Interns! We are proud to celebrate and thank our interns across the company for their hard work and dedication throughout their time onboard. Read on to discover why our recent interns chose to kick start their careers at Gartner.

At Gartner, our interns don’t get coffee- they tackle real-world problems. They gain knowledge in their field of study, get hands-on experience driving business outcomes, receive ongoing support and coaching from team leaders, and network with others across our global teams. Below, some of our recent interns are sharing their experiences. 

  1. Embrace your potential. “I have always been a person who wanted to reach my full potential. Often, students are told they are the future, but Gartner allowed me to enable my potential from day one. I have been able to meet with senior leaders, learn research methodologies and put them to use in less than a week!” – Marketing and Communications Research Intern
  2. Join a collaborative culture. “The word that describes the culture at Gartner is collaborative. Everyone I’ve met supports and encourages one another and will do everything they can to make the interns feel at home. On my first day, I had a barrage of questions I wanted to ask my team that covered every aspect of the job, and they were happy to offer tips and suggestions on how to succeed.” – Product, Professional Services, and Advisory Intern
  3. Do impactful, important work. “For being in such a large and rapidly expanding organization, my experience at Gartner has been exceptionally welcoming and focused. I was immersed in my team immediately and assigned projects that not only felt important but allowed me room to make mistakes and find areas to add my own sources of value.” – Recruiting Strategy and Analytics Intern
  4. Step out of your comfort zone. “Each day, I’m pushed out of my comfort zone, which has allowed me to find unknown opportunities for professional development, as well as home in on specific strengths that I can utilize. As an intern, it can be difficult to find where your role fits within your team. However, every team member has gone out of their way to teach me something and work with me to ensure I am providing some real value with the work I am doing.” – Business Development Intern 
  5. See your ideas come to life. “When I interviewed for this position, I asked my interviewers what they enjoyed most about working for Gartner and they spoke about the fact that they have the opportunity and flexibility to propose new ideas to innovate and improve, and run with them. I have seen that so clearly throughout my time at Gartner, and it’s so exciting to see my ideas come to life..” – Social Media Intern

Our interns are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to do real, impactful work. This helps them gain invaluable experience that they cannot learn in a classroom setting. In return, their innovative ideas and fresh perspective impact our business and teams in a big way which enables us to continue to grow and get better. 

Interested in learning more about our internship program? Find opportunities for students and recent graduates here