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How Jack Slaughter Kickstarted His Sales Career at Gartner

If you’re considering a sales career, consider an opportunity-filled one with Gartner.  Here you’ll be given all the tools you need to succeed and will have the support of some of the most dedicated and inspiring leaders.  But, don’t take our word for it - hear from someone who’s experienced this first-hand.  Below, Jack Slaughter, Area Vice President, Supply Chain for UK & India shares about his experience on our sales team - he’s been at Gartner for 8.5 years and says he’s never leaving!


What drew you to Gartner?

Jack: Gartner was actually referred to me by a friend of my Dad’s at Windsor Tennis club. He mentioned the Midsize Enterprise (MSE) division (then called SMB) who were always on the lookout for people of my profile. As I was working in recruitment at the time, I decided to take the challenge on myself of managing my own application for the company, canvassing the various recruiters and ended up lucky enough to secure a first stage interview and that was the very start of it all!

Over the past 8 years, what has continued to capture me is the opportunity to develop into new roles and grow. I have actually already done 4 different role types during my time here and everyone exposes and challenges me to learn and grow in new ways.


As a leader, what piece of advice do you have for candidates applying for a sales role?

Jack: For me personally, I think it is really important to demonstrate a clear passion for sales. Sales is a very understated profession but people should be proud of their sales heritage / background and really let that shine through. You are being interviewed by leaders who will thrive off that passion and drive for sales. We are a sales driven organization, sales is at the center of all we strive for, so when it comes to applying for a sales role at Gartner, don’t be afraid to let out the sales person within you!

Be yourself, Gartner appreciates authenticity and integrity. We absolutely take pride in our culture and as leaders we are always looking for people who will drive our ever evolving and diverse sales force to new heights. 


What is your greatest productivity hack?

If you want results quicker, learn from the best, do not overthink things and just pick up the phone!


What, if anything, would you do differently if you could go back in time?

I would have joined Gartner earlier than I did. Despite 5 successful and happy years plying my trade within recruitment, the training, development and exposure you get within Gartner is truly second to none. So had I joined sooner, then I could be even further along my development path!

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