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Life At Gartner

Gartner Cares About Our Values

Gartner takes great pride in having established an excellent culture that is built upon a set of five values. Know us by our values: Integrity. Objectivity. No-limits mindset. Collaboration. Results.

In a recent question and answer session with Gartner associates, we asked which value is most important to you and why. See what our associates said below:

No-Limits Mindset: because it embodies an outlook that requires a great deal of self-reflection. It is all about becoming consciously competent, rather than unconsciously incompetent. – Kabir Seth, Area Manager

Integrity: It is a foundation of Gartner’s success as a trusted advisor and personally that’s aligned to my own values as well. – Liang Siah, Area Vice President

No-Limits Mindset: This Value embodies the nature of the company for me, and time and time again no matter what geography or industry, you see what can be achieved when you remove perceived barriers to success. – Anthony Kolodynski, Senior Area Manager

Objectivity: The personal earnings opportunity – because “Objectivity” is a strong sales proposition. – Jean Pitt, Area Manager

Integrity: That is my favorite and, what I believe, the most important core value in and outside of Gartner. The great thing about Gartner is that we have a reputation for being unbiased and doing right by clients and non-clients alike as well as our own associates. It’s something that can never be taken away from you and something you have the ability to control at all times. As a leader, integrity builds trust and builds a following that enables me to lead by example and inspire my team that I have their best interests at heart. Integrity is an intrinsic motivator for me so regardless of any outcome, knowing that I hold myself to high ethical standard and always do the right thing is truly what matters at the end of the day. In the words of our CEO, Gene Hall, “Do the Right Things and Great Results Will Follow.” – Stephanie Blower, Area Manager

No-Limits Mindset: A strong mindset is the foundation for everything. You can truly achieve anything if your head and heart is in it. I abide by the mantra “good things come to those who hustle” and it’s been consistently proven true over and over again. – Gena Eddy, Area Manager

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