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Tips from Gartner Recruiters: How to Evaluate a Job Offer

The recruiting process can be overwhelming, especially when you’re evaluating numerous job offers. There are many factors that can influence whether an offer is right for you, and it’s important to consider a variety of factors when trying to decide where you want to take the next step in your career. To help, we asked Gartner recruiters how to decide on a job offer when multiple are on the table. Read on to view their responses below. 

  • Don’t get hung up on the price tag. It’s easy to get hung up on salary, especially early in your career. Coming right out of college there’s usually very little difference between say a position that pays 75K, and one that pays 85K, however often it can be the biggest determining factor to a candidate. Focus more on the growth and quality of life in the position. If you are good in your field, the money will come, regardless of where you are working. If you don’t enjoy the role you are going into or believe in the company you are joining, you won’t be motivated, you won’t be happy, and, in turn, you won’t perform to your highest potential.
  • Focus on your overall happiness in the role. Company culture and work/life balance are things you can’t change, and these factors will heavily impact your overall wellbeing and performance in the role. You’ll likely get promoted and get an increase in your salary, however, it’s unlikely that the culture at your organization or on your team will change.
  • Remember there’s no set answer for picking the best offer. What’s important to you might not be important to another individual. Make a list of what matters most to you (whether that’s location, opportunity for growth, company culture, etc.) and what you're willing to negotiate on. Then begin eliminating the offers that don’t align with your goals. 
  • Look beyond the details of the job offer. Focus first on the company you are receiving an offer from and the job you are being asked to do. Ask yourself:
    1. Is this a company I can see myself growing with?
    2. Is the company well run and stable?
    3. Did I meet people in my interview process that I could see myself working with?
    4. Does the company’s mission and values align to mine?
    5. Is the role I am considering one that interests me?
    6. Will my strengths align to the expectations of the role?
  • Evaluate the performance of the company and take note of the people who work there. Companies that are well run are often highly employee focused. That means they hire great, collaborative people and invest in their associates for the long term.
  • Think long-term when evaluating offers. Never evaluate an offer from your first employer as a job you can stay at for a year and then go somewhere else. Always choose a company where you can see yourself for the next 20+ years…even if you don’t plan to stay that long. You always want the option to stay and grow at that company if you really love it.

Now that you’re ready to evaluate job offers, the next step is to start applying. Discover what Gartner’s application process is like here.