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Gartner's Intern Connect Program

Every year, Gartner hosts the Intern Connect Program with our interns in India. The program is an exclusive event for interns to network with leaders throughout the organization. It is an opportunity for them to make personal connections, learn about leadership success stories and get some powerful advice.


In addition to getting to know each other and our leaders at Gartner better, the students in the program get the opportunity to ask questions to learn more about different business units and how we work together as a team to achieve overarching business goals.


The event starts with an introduction to the current interns and a quick ice breaker to help everyone get to know each other better. Next, leaders from  various business units give an introduction to themselves and share their personal growth stories. The day usually wraps up with a panel discussion and open Q+A session. Read on for feedback from recent interns. 


“The panel discussion with the leaders provided a lot of great insight and useful pointers. I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with all the interns and do some fun exercises.” - Harshith Bhupathiraju, Research Intern


“The entire event was beautifully organized. I loved hearing from our leaders about their journey with Gartner.” - Prarthna Kohli, Research Intern 


“I enjoyed learning about the experiences of the leaders and hearing about their journey from interns to their current position. It was truly inspirational.” - Vinay Ganeshanjana K, Design Intern

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