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Our People

How Our Associates Have Grown their Careers

Are you thinking about your next career move? At Gartner, there are endless opportunities to grow. Below, Ilima Mathews, Sales Manager based in New York, and Rohan Sinha, Principal Analyst, CIO Research based in Gurgaon, share how they’ve grown with Gartner by making the moves that worked for them.

Tell us about your background and what brought you to Gartner.

“I’ve held roles in marketing, auditing and HR, including learning and development, but my favorite role to date has been “Mom” - I had the opportunity to stay home with my son in Fort Myers, FL. When I was preparing to re-enter the workforce I was interested in a global company and found Gartner.” - Ilima Mathews

“I came to Gartner after working in research and advisory, mostly across healthcare and life sciences, as well as strategic procurement, CPG and industrial functions. Gartner presented a great opportunity to hone my skills and develop new competencies, so I was excited to join just over three years ago.” - Rohan Sinha

What has your career journey at Gartner looked like? 

“I started as a client partner, but was soon interested in returning to training work. My manager helped me move into that function when an opportunity opened up. Eventually, I moved into events doing project management, and my role there kept expanding – from Director of Operations to VP. After five years, I wanted to take the next step, so last summer I became a Sales Manager in the Americas Large Enterprise group.” - Ilima Mathews

“I joined Gartner in 2019 as a Senior Research Specialist in Secondary Research Services. Later, I applied for an internal job posting with the Talent Lab to become an Associate Principal Analyst within the Healthcare and Life Sciences domain in January 2021. This past March I was promoted to Principal Analyst.” - Rohan Sinha

How has Gartner supported you in making these moves?

“In my transition into training, my manager supported me by communicating my goals to her leadership team, so when the opportunity arose people were already thinking about me for that role. My progression from Project Manager to Director to Vice President was really driven by my manager at that time, who continuously provided opportunities and coaching, and helped me grow.” - Ilima Mathews  

“Gartner made the entire application process smooth and flexible. I was well guided by my hiring manager about the role and its expectations, they were very transparent about the profile and helped me to lay out a plan for my transition.” - Rohan Sinha

What did you do to prepare for each move? 

“When I wanted to move into training, I set up a training program for our team, which gave me exposure to the existing training team because I would tap into them for content. I also used an external platform and took courses that were relevant to my role. But it was mostly building connections – a lot of development and learning is finding a network and nurturing relationships.” - Ilima Mathews

“I kept checking the roles that were posted internally and waited for the right opportunity that aligned with my competencies. I spoke with the hiring manager and colleagues to understand the role and responsibilities, which was very helpful in making this career move. I also read Gartner research to understand our style of writing and how client inquiries are addressed.” - Rohan Sinha

Were your moves calculated in advance or did your interests shift during your career journey?

“My first move into training was purposeful, but after that it was often that I took over a new function out of necessity, and that progression built on itself. My move into Sales was more purposeful because I had reached a point where diversifying my experience seemed like it would better serve me as part of my goal of eventually leading a business unit.” - Ilima Mathews

“I was intrigued by the Analyst role while collaborating with them for their secondary research requirements. I also enjoy writing and speaking on open platforms, which was a key requirement for my new role. But I waited for an opportunity that was aligned with my background in healthcare and life sciences, and prepared thoroughly to land the position.” - Rohan Sinha

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