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Gartner Gives

How Our Associates Give Back

Each year, our associates find ways to give back to their local communities. Whether it’s donations, volunteering, board service or education, our associates engage with causes they care about – and are taking advantage of Gartner’s resources to help amplify their efforts. Learn more about how our associates gave back in 2022. 


Gartner offers a charity match to support and amplify the efforts our associates make which has resulted in over $5.3M donated by Gartner and its associates so far in 2022. And this year, Gartner offered even more to our associates in times of crisis, providing double matching for relief efforts, including during the Russian invasion of Ukraine and after Hurricane Ian.  Derek Frost, VP Analyst, took advantage of Gartner’s double match program to contribute to Ukraine relief efforts.

“When news came of Russia

’s invasion of Ukraine, it was absolutely devastating. I wanted to help but didn’t know how to get started. Gartner’s double-match program for charities helping Ukrainians, like Vostok SOS and World Central Kitchen, was a welcome delivery of oxygen and light into the vacuum of worry and despair. Joseph Conrad once wrote that the best consolation is to take action; Gartner’s double match for Ukraine helped us do that.”


Close to 2,800 associates across the company, as individuals and as teams, have volunteered 12,000 hours in their communities so far this year. Among them is Sasmita Sahu, Director, Real Estate in Singapore:

“I have volunteered with Gartner and individually for a variety of causes, including sustainability, wellness, education and human rights initiatives. When it comes to deciding which cause to volunteer for, it’s most important that the cause resonates with me.

Volunteering helps me get into a positive mindset and boosts my confidence. Knowing that I’m making a difference for a cause I believe in gives me a great sense of achievement and pride. It’s also an excellent chance to meet different kinds of people, make new friends and be part of the larger community – both within Gartner and externally. There is a lot we can do for our local communities to help them thrive, and volunteering lets us have a valuable positive effect on people, communities and society in general.”

Board Service

Many of our associates are experts in their fields, and are looking for a longer-term commitment to a cause or nonprofit where they can leverage their skills to make an impact. Juan Gutierrez, VP, Executive Partner in Mexico, serves on the board of Perros Guía para Ciegos, Mexico’s first guide dog training school.

“I’ve known about this cause for years, and have always been interested in the work they do. Recently I was reconnected with the organization and decided to get involved. There are two main areas of support they need. One is donations, and the other is adoptive families for their puppies. My family has taken in Pepper, who we’ll be taking care of for a year. Each month I take her for veterinary checkups, and twice a week we make sure to visit a new public place to socialize her.

While I’m out with Pepper, I carry fliers so that when people ask about her, I can give them information about the school. I’ve also helped coordinate a Community Impact Speaker Series (CISS) - an internal event to raise awareness for the organization here at Gartner.

Many people tell me how hard it will be to have to return Pepper after her training, but I’m glad to do it, and I’m thrilled to support Perros Guia para Ciegos. I know that I’m helping someone, and someday she’ll serve as someone’s eyes.”


One of the most powerful ways our associates engage with causes they care about is through learning and education – by sharing information about important causes with their colleagues or by participating in educational sessions organized by others. More than 70 Community Impact Speaker Series have taken place so far this year, and more are planned soon. One of these events brought the NAZ Foundation, one of India’s oldest LGBTQ+ advocacy NGOs, to Gartner. Meghna Joshi, Sr Principal, Research in Gurgaon, helped coordinate the event.

“For Pride Month, we planned various events to help highlight the issues and challenges the LGBTQ+ community faces, and how we can all work together to solve them. The NAZ Foundation has for decades been doing really cool work, and they have a rich and diverse portfolio of hands-on experiences. 

A number of senior leaders also got involved, amplifying the event as they encouraged their teams to join. 

I think the kind of personal experiences and stories the foundation shared really help make the struggles of an underrepresented community feel real, which is incredibly valuable in building allyship across the organization. An element of our culture is embracing diversity and being inclusive and respectful, and the first step is understanding and empathy. 

Working with our CSR team to put this event together was great. They helped with promoting it and supported us in coordinating a fundraiser for the NAZ Foundation, which was a fantastic way to really help the organization.”

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