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Gartner Gives

Gartner Observes Giving Tuesday By Encouraging Associates To Share ‘Why I Give’

In preparation for Giving Tuesday, our associates around the globe are sharing about the non-profit organizations they support, and what inspires them to do so.

At Gartner, we believe in uplifting local communities and we celebrate when our associates support the causes for which they have the most passion. Through our “open choice” approach, we encourage associates to choose how, when, and where to devote their time, talents, and resources. We’re proud of our associates’ long history of volunteering and contributing to the communities around them. Our Global Community Engagement program bolsters service efforts by providing support, scalability, and visibility.

Over these past few months, we’ve continued to adapt and adjust to support our clients and colleagues because they need us more than ever. It has also become very clear that our communities need us too, and we are in a unique position to have a significant impact – locally, where we live and do business, and across the world.  

Gartner Gives Charity Matching program

In an effort to elevate the positive impact we can bring as a company, we offer the Gartner Gives Charity Matching program. This program gives our associates the opportunity to give back to the community and causes that matter most. This program provides matching funds to qualified charitable organizations that associates personally support. 

In 2020, Gartner and our associates have donated over $3 million through Gartner Gives to more than 2,000 nonprofit organizations around the world. Through Gartner Gives, we’ve supported a broad range of causes, from helping fund programs that combat racism and fight poverty across the globe, to providing aid to the victims of natural disasters and stocking the shelves of local food banks.

Why I Give?

Gartner associates are continuing to do great things – professionally, and in their personal lives and communities – to address the important challenges facing the world today.  In preparation for Giving Tuesday, our associates around the globe are sharing about the non-profit organizations they support, and what inspires them to do so.

“I believe that children are the future of the world. For 25 years I’ve donated to organizations that provide a safe and caring upbringing to children.” – Toni D’ Angelo, Associate Consulting Director


“I grew up in the inner-city of St. Louis, MO, the first man in my family to even graduate high school. My number one goal in life will always be to give back to those who gave to me, both in person and in communities. Had it not been for the support and love I received from my community growing up as a child, I would have never made it to the place I am today, a young professional black man working in Corporate America. I will live and die by the words, “Never forget where you came from”. For this reason and many more, I make sure that I am doing my best to reach back and pull another “inner-city” young man of color forward and motivate him to be the best man he can be.”  – Gerald Brooks, Consultant.

“It’s important to give back to the local community because generosity is a critical component of a flourishing life. Whether it be with time, money, or skills, we become better people, friends, and workers when we give.” – Ashley Preston, Research Specialist

“I have been giving 1% of my disposable income since I started working. We work roughly 260 days a year, and I believe it is fair to give slightly more than 2 days of my work for others in need of help.” – Yifan Wu, Consultant

"My first time traveling in a developing country was eye-opening. I encountered children in need of clothes, food, and basic care. Since then, my wife and I have been compelled to share what we can with those living in a completely different reality.” – Jason Wilson, Consulting Director

At Gartner, integrity is at the core of what we do. This means striving to not only be a great company but also to be a good company. Learn more about how we’re creating a more successful future for our associates, our clients, and our world through our approach to corporate responsibility here.