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Gartner’s Products & Services Team Share Their Favorite Interview Questions

We recently asked our recruiters from the Products & Services (P&S) team in India, “What is your favorite question to ask when interviewing candidates? And why?”. Here’s what they had to share.

Share some instances where you have performed well consistently – Awantika Singhal, Recruiter

I ask this particular question to see if the candidate is able to provide evidence of success. It’s important that the candidate is able to articulate specific examples to define their success. We want to know what key metrics they were measured against, and how they ranked among their peers. Does the candidate have the will to win and a proven track record of success? I look forward to the stories candidates share while answering the question – especially when they let their personalities shine through.

How did you prepare for this interview? – Priyanka Bagoria, Recruiter

Preparing for an interview is the most important step in your job search process. I ask this question for two reasons – to see how much they know about the company and to assess their level of interest in the role.   The amount of effort they put into preparing is a good indication of how serious they are about the job. Someone who is innately curious is more likely to succeed at Gartner. 

So, how do candidates prepare for an interview?  Most candidates say they’ve prepared by visiting our career website to learn about our culture, values, and how we support our clients, while others make an effort to reach out to existing Gartner employees for a first-hand perspective. 

What are your short-term and long-term goals? – Gaurav Sharma, Senior Recruiter

The goal of this question is to determine whether the applicant has a realistic view of the position and the potential career trajectory. Ideally, they’ll be able to clearly articulate what it is they’re hoping to achieve.   If the opportunity aligns with the candidate’s skills, goals, and interests, it’s more likely they’ll be committed, driven, and successful when they join our team.

What steps have you taken to grow in your current position/role?  Manpreet Kala, Recruiter

This question helps me gauge how driven the candidate may be.  Have they taken any initiative to enhance their skills? Are they willing to get out of their comfort zone, iterate and innovate? At Gartner, we’re looking for people who are self-driven and embody a no-limits mindset.  Our most successful associates are those who are willing to push themselves and challenge the status quo. 


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