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Life At Gartner

Gartner at a Glance

About Gartner

  • Gartner delivers actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams
  • Founded in 1979, we have nearly 16,600 associates in 90+ offices around the world
  • Member of the S&P 500 with $4.7 billion in revenue in 2021
  • Our expert guidance and tools enable faster, smarter decisions for leaders in every
    major area of an organization:
    • Customer Service & Support
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Legal & Compliance
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Product Management 
    • Research & Development
    • Sales
    • Strategy 
    • Supply Chain

Clients we serve

  • More than 15,000 client enterprises in more than 100 countries
  • Executives and their teams across all enterprise functions in every industry around the world
  • Enterprises large and small, in public and private sectors, including 73% of the Global 500

Actionable, objective insight

  • Developed through rigorous proprietary research methodologies to ensure our insights are independent and objective
  • Created by a global team of 2,200+ research and advisory experts who understand your role, business and industry
  • Quoted by leading business publications worldwide an average of 80 times every week
  • Complemented with peer perspectives and advice accessed through:
    • The Gartner Peer Connect client community of nearly 200,000 active participants from every enterprise function
    • Worldwide destination conferences plus virtual live and recorded events tailored for specific executives and their teams
    • The Gartner Peer Insights public community, where users have shared 385,000 online reviews on 30,000 products and services, delivering value in 10 million monthly user sessions

Expert guidance

  • Delivered in more than 490,000 direct client interactions each year
  • Provided by experts, many of whom are former practitioners, to help challenge conventional thinking and accomplish critical activities
  • Informed by an annual average of nearly 300 new, thoroughly vetted practitioner-sourced case studies
  • Applied in 2,100 technology-driven strategic consulting and contract optimization engagements
    annually with CIOs and other senior executives through our Consulting business

Practical Tools

  • Gartner Score maturity diagnostics that cover more than 60 functional areas across the enterprise and apply a consistent methodology that uniquely factors capability and organizational importance
  • 80+ Gartner Magic Quadrants, a standard for objective market analysis covering more than 800 technology and technology service vendors
  • Approximately 400 active Gartner Ignition Guides accelerate team execution of initiatives in nearly every enterprise function.
  • The Gartner Digital IQ Index measures brands across hundreds of data points against four dimensions of digital. Brand scores are indexed to an average of 100 and assigned into one of five classes: Genius, Gifted, Average, Challenged and Feeble.

To learn more about how Gartner works with leaders to enable faster, smarter decisions and stronger performance, visit