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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Supporting and Uplifting Working Moms at Gartner

At Gartner, we encourage our associates to find a balance between their work and personal life. To support this, we offer generous, comprehensive benefits to ensure that they feel empowered to succeed in their personal and professional lives. We asked some of our associates how they balance their role as mother with their career at Gartner and inquired about the work perks they leverage to be successful. Read on to hear what they had to say. 


“While on maternity leave, I was promoted to Sales Manager to lead the team I was part of for the past 5 years. I am so grateful to work for a company that supports my career ambitions while simultaneously giving me the space and time away to heal, bond, and be present with my family after the birth of my second child. Growth and downtime can and must coexist. Gartner doesn’t just write the research on this stuff (e.g. human-centric work models, work-life balance, psychological safety, D.E.I., etc.) we put it into practice and take care of our own.” - Jesse Castello, Sales Manager, California


“Gartner was fully supportive of me working from home during a challenging pregnancy. And when COVID hit, my home was turned upside-down by two-year-old twin boys – it was a crazy time. I was empowered to work different hours and take breaks. The childcare support has also been fantastic. Daycare finally reopened in January and we’re able to take advantage of Gartner’s reimbursement offering, which is huge with twins! Now, when my boys get home in the evening, I’ve had a productive day and am excited to spend time as a family.” - Bhakti Naik, Finance Manager, Mumbai


“I am a caregiver to a kid with severe disabilities and I have a diverse background. At Gartner, my authenticity, diversity, my caregiving journey and my hard work are all equally celebrated and valued. Gartner’s inclusive culture encouraged me to bring my authentic self to work. Caregiving for a child who is medically vulnerable can be isolating. And that is why I appreciate that Gartner embraces equity by being a "virtual first" company. Now I have the ability to grow, succeed, engage, network and innovate within my role, irrespective of my child’s circumstances.” - Yosr Hamza, Director, Legal Counsel, Dubai


“At Gartner a healthy work-life balance is a core value and returning from maternity leave made me realize how important this really is. I am a mum to a 4-year-old and 10 months old twins, juggling our manic household and work can be hard at times. Having the back up from my management and colleagues allows me to take care of my kids when they need me or go to their weekly Friday open mornings without feeling bad about stepping away from my desk. At the same time, Gartner enables me to focus on my career and take on new responsibilities, like taking on a new role as an Area Vice President. It’s great to be part of this amazing team!” - Stephanie Gosselin, Area Vice President, London


“Gartner is a family oriented company that encourages you to create your own work-life balance. I recently had the opportunity to go on my daughter's field trip and act as a chaperone. I got to experience her playing and laughing with her friends without the pressure of checking my phone for work emails and messages and was truly invested in the moment. It's important that you find a company that's values mirror your own. A company that celebrates life's big and small joys with you! I am so glad that I have found that at Gartner and truly love my life at Gartner!” - Rynnetta Klein, Senior Recruiter, Texas


“I've never worked for a company that celebrates and understands the motherhood journey quite like Gartner. From day one I was supported by our benefits, allowing my dream of creating a family to come to fruition in addition to my leaders not once making me feel guilty for putting motherhood before my career!” - Abigail Caple, Program Manager, Talent Acquisition DEI Partnerships, Texas


"The past decade has been a tough one for me as a working Mom. In the past 9 years I survived cancer, lost a father to Alzheimer’s, a mother to ovarian cancer, had a son diagnosed with a rare bladder disorder, another son diagnosed with inattentive ADHD learning challenges, raised premature twins into teenagers, had ACL surgery, fractured my leg, was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and lived through a pandemic. With that being said, I've also worked on some exciting projects with amazing teams and achieved big career wins and milestones. My personal experience has made me a better human and better leader. Women often must make hard career choices, because we continue to be the primary caretakers of children and the elderly. Careers are not always easy to explain without peeking behind the curtain to see the human being on the other side. Be kind. Don’t make assumptions. Life happens to everyone. But it still happens mostly to women. I'm grateful for the support and flexibility I've found at Gartner to best manage my life as a leader and a Mom." - Kristin Thomas, Senior Director, Social Media, Connecticut 

At Gartner, we recognize that our associates are at their personal and professional best when they are happy and healthy. As a member of our growing team, you’ll have access to generous benefits from your first day on the job. Learn more about life at Gartner here.