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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Mosaic At Gartner: Associates Celebrate Multiculturalism During Harmony Week

Learn about the recently held employee-led discussion organized by Mosaic at Gartner, which was aimed to strengthen and uphold our beliefs that we are one, together.

During a time when a lot of topics have the ability and power to divide us, Gartner associates continue to be united and advocate the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Harmony Week is a time to celebrate Australian multiculturalism and the successful integration of migrants into the community. It is about inclusiveness, respect, and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values. Harmony Day coincides with the United Nations International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination which recognizes the importance of communities and nations to strive towards racial equality and tolerance. Friends and family come together through schools, workplaces, and the wider communities to celebrate our diversity, respect cultural and religious diversity, and foster a sense of belonging for everyone.

To commemorate and celebrate this special event, members of Mosaic at Gartner Employee Resource Group (ERG) hosted a discussion – ‘Driving a Culture of Inclusion and Trust’ based on the overarching theme – ‘Everyone Belongs’. The discussion was led by Jasleen Kaur, Principal, Advisory from R&A at Gartner.

The aim of this event was to remind everyone that we are all pieces of the same puzzle. It was organized to spread awareness and create a sense of belonging and responsibility towards each other. Our people are at the heart of our success. As we grow, we continue to foster inclusion and embrace learning as an opportunity to get better, stronger, faster — year after year. “Sessions like these help with my own education as well as helping everyone open up and be more inclusive,” commented Pamela Hardy, Director at Gartner, and also one of the attendees at the session.

Mosaic at Gartner is an associate-led group dedicated to fostering a workplace of inclusion through the recruitment, engagement, development, and visibility of associates who identify with underrepresented races or ethnicities. However, all associates are encouraged to be a part of this group, no matter their background. “The feedback we received was outstanding, starting from the enlightening and informative point, to attendees acknowledging the need to work more on their own unconscious bias,” said George Azmy, Contracts Manager, who was responsible for organizing this enriching event. Originally started as a place to celebrate different cultures, Mosaic has evolved into a force for positive change at Gartner. With more than 10 chapters and 1,500 members globally, Mosaic’s impact grows each year.

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