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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Gartner’s Employee Resource Groups

At Gartner, we are committed to cultivating a culture of inclusion for all associates. Our voluntary, associate-driven employee resource groups (ERGs) play an important role in defining our culture, by bringing associates together to create a sense of belonging for all.  

With the recent launches of the Black Employee Network (BEN) and the Collective Abilities Network (CAN), Gartner now has 6 ERGs which are open to all associates. Our ERGs support the associate experience by providing opportunities to connect, educate and celebrate moments that matter. They host events, support leadership development and advance initiatives that support our inclusive culture.  We are thankful to our associates and ERGs for advocating for and helping us ensure that all associates feel a sense of belonging at Gartner. Read on to learn more about our ERGs and about our ERG leaders. 

The Black Employees Network (BEN)

The Black Employees Network (BEN) aims to attract, retain, and advance Black associates at Gartner while providing access to professional growth and networking opportunities.

“For me, personally, the ERG has provided the opportunity to meet and interact with a group of phenomenal associates globally across Gartner’s business units. This has given me the opportunity to see best practices across the company which have been leveraged not only in BEN, but also in my current job role.” – Janine Daughtry, Vice President, Business Transformation


The Collective Abilities Network (CAN)

The Collective Abilities Network aims to ensure that associates of all abilities have what they need to reach their full potential. It is a space to unite our associates with apparent or hidden disabilities, mental health issues, neurodiversity, and their caregivers and allies. 

“In order to build our ERG community before our launch, the first step was holding a Real Talk for those of us with hidden or apparent disabilities, mental health issues, neuro diversity, and their caregivers and allies. In sharing and hearing the stories from our associates, there was one common theme: relief and joy that none of us are alone!  For everyone who attended, it felt like a big day.  We are an important part of Gartner’s high performing culture. The diversity of thought and the experiences we each carry with us to work each day actually make us better at our jobs in many cases.” – Laura Spillane, Sr Director, Professional Development


Mosaic at Gartner 

Our Mosaic at Gartner ERG is dedicated to recruiting, engaging, developing and enhancing the visibility for associates who identify as underrepresented races or ethnicities.

“Leading and being a member of ERGs, I’ve learned more than I ever thought I could about my fellow associates and minority groups. I’ve met great people that I’ve become lucky to call friends.” – Maya Mathis, Specialist, Business Analytics

“I think our biggest accomplishment was how we handled the racial injustices across 2020. We successfully created a safe space for our underrepresented associates through Real Talks to share their raw, authentic emotions in order to feel heard and understood.” – Nick Smirniotopoulos, Sales Manager

“I decided to join at a leadership level because I love being able to connect with other associates outside of my immediate circle to collaborate and celebrate who we are. I am passionate about DEI, so it was natural for me to take a leadership position to support others to do the same thing and further DEI practices in their region and business unit.” – Angela Louis, Program Manager, Consult the Board


Pride at Gartner

Our Pride at Gartner ERG aims to promote a positive, inclusive workplace for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

“A large percentage of people that identify as LGBTQ are still not ‘out’ at work even though there has been so much progress made in many parts of the world.  I’ve had the privilege of working for people that allow me to bring my whole and authentic self to work and by co-leading Pride I’ve hoped that my visibility matters to encourage other members of the LGBTQ community to be out and proud at work as well.” – Brian McAlpin, Vice President, Finance


Veterans at Gartner

Our Veterans at Gartner ERG is dedicated to making Gartner a great place to work for top military talent and their families.

“I do not like to be a person who points out problems without a solution. Maya Angelou said “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” This quote is always on my mind to remind me that if there is something I think I can make a difference in, not to sit in the background and hope that change will happen without ensuring I let my voice be heard. I think about the Veterans at Gartner ERG as a place where I can go to not only have a safe space, but also a place where I can improve my leadership skills.” – Gerry Brooks, Consultant


Women at Gartner

Our Women at Gartner ERG aims to drive the recruitment, development, engagement and visibility of women at Gartner.

“I joined Women at Gartner because I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. It is when we come together with collective vision and mindshares that we can really have an impact. My proudest moment in ERG leadership was building CREW with my fellow Women @ Gartner community. It serves as a multi-purpose program designed to build diverse networks, increase perspective and exposure, and drive towards next level professional goals.” – Kimberly Ocana, Vice President, Team Manager

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