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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Recognition Month

Each May, we celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Recognition Month at Gartner. Throughout the month, we recognize the culture, traditions and history of our Asian and Pacific Islander (API) associates through various activities, including panel discussions, coffee chats and more.

The employee resource group (ERG) Asians and Pacific Islanders at Gartner was formed to provide networking and mentoring opportunities, while raising awareness about API issues. This month, we are spotlighting career development and advancement, and offering programming and resources to help API associates and their allies grow at Gartner.

To promote API Recognition month, the ERG has planned several events for associates around the world. These include in-office networking events, virtual career panels and more. 

Some of our associates shared advice to help others succeed. Here's what they had to say:

"My Filipino Chinese heritage is a source of immense pride and identity for me. I've learned to honor and preserve my cultural heritage, while celebrating diversity in all its forms. This has allowed me to navigate my career with confidence and authenticity."

Kae C., Manager, Recruiting Programs


"It’s important to embrace your background and get to know other people's backgrounds. Working at Gartner, there are so many cultures and heritages; when you embrace your own culture, it shows others they can share theirs."

Munveer D., Senior Manager, Client Success


"The best advice I've gotten is to be a lifelong learner, especially when it comes to cultural competence. When we can learn from each other's cultures, it enriches us both personally and professionally."

Christian Y., Senior Recruiter


We look forward to the month ahead, with upcoming events and exciting initiatives open to our associates to join and learn more about API at Gartner.

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